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Ordered My First Gps Friday


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You are going to want to get City Select instead of metroguide north america because with City Select you can do auto-routing within the gps. I have the 76c as well and that is a must. If your computer can not handle dvd then either go buy a dvd drive ($50 or less) or buy City Select 6.0 instead of 7.0. People have not seen too much difference between the two.


Also if you buy City Select 6.0 now you get a free upgrade to 7.0. Go ahead and get the free upgrade from Garmin and keep it on a shelf if you don't get your dvd player right away.



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I think you can get a DVD player drive fairly inexpensively. I bought an external DVD burner for 80 bucks. The reason I am pointing that out is that I think you will be much happier with City Select than Metroguide. One of the cool features of a 76c (I actually have a 60cs, but AFAIK they use the same OS) is autorouting. That is Turn-by-turn directions, with beep prompts, and recalculation if you happen to get off course. I bought my 60cs because I thought it was a cool unit, and I wanted a good outdoor handheld, but I have come to rely on it in the car to "get me there" because the autorouting (for me at least) is spot on. Metroguide maps do not have autorouting functionality, whereas City Select maps do.


Now, to your question, Metroguide maps will work in a 76c, but without the functionality of City Select.


Something else you might consider, go to a retail store that carries GPS devices and accessories, and you might be able to find V6 Which use CDs. You would be entitled to a free upgrade after you install it, but no one will be twisting your arm to force you to install the upgrade. :ph34r:

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Metroguide maps do not have autorouting functionality, whereas City Select maps do.


I don't think i'd use the autorouting,when i'm out of my local area I want to get an idea were the caches are.

I'll start in my local area there's plenty around to keep me busy for a while.


The V6 CD might be what I need,some time i'll stop at some of my local stores they might even be on sale?


Or buy a used CD if I can get it cheap enough?,would a used one that someone allready had on there computer still work on mine?

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I don't know what else to say about auto-routing. Until you have seen it in action, you have no idea how much you will use it. In my opinion, you will use it all the time. I love being able to type in address and just go. I use it probably twice a week without geocaching.


In terms of where to buy 6.0 -- you can go to any of the websites getfeetwet.com, gpsnow.com, etc. and see if they are still selling 6.0. You can also go the ebay route too.


For the price difference between metroguide and city select, IMHO it is a no brainer decision -- City Select.



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One word of caution, with City Select stay away from used. Ebay is fine, if it is listed as "new in box". This is locked software, and if it is used it may be that the previous user used all the unlock codes. If that is the case you would have to pay Garmin for additional unlocks, as if it were new software.


Like horses said: "Until you have seen it in action, you have no idea how much you will use it. In my opinion, you will use it all the time."


I got my 60cs for hiking and hunting, and now it gets me where I am going and back again. It is a real workhorse. The only downside is my wife has come to rely on it as well, and she is always wanting to borrow it for her trips!

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Get a cheap DVD reader. Really.


I just went from California to Montana and back. Everywhere I went I used the autorouting. Are you in a hotel and want to get to a restaurant? Enter the address and go. Are you going through Reno where the roads have been under construction for over a year? Suddenly find that your route isn't viable and you are now on a weird highway headed to some other place? No problem, the unit recalculates the route on the fly and tells you how to fix the problem. I LOVE MY GARMIN!


Really, if you go anywhere at all the autorouting is priceless.

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