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Armored Benchmark

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Used GPS and measures per the description, dug down about one inch and found this plate. I have seen some local like this, but they have a hole cut out so the mark is visible. Any reason why it would be completely covered?




I'm not going to pry this thing up which leads to the question of a found or not found. Location matches up, but I can not POSITIVELY ID the mark.

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Sorry, overlooked the details. This is KR1832 (B446) near Fallon, NV. Checked the current data sheet on the NGS site which showed installation in 1991 and it made no mention of a plate being installed. As I mentioned, I have seen others locally that have similar plates, but they all have holes so you can actually see the mark. Even these have no record of a protective plate being installed, so I'm not sure who has done this or why. I have a call in to a local surveyor to see if he has any information.


For now, I'm just going to leave this one as a note on the reference page until I can get something more solid.

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From the data sheet description, you have not located the correct bench mark monument. It will be a brass disk in the top of a concrete cylinder.


My guess for what you found is a plate inserted into concrete for welding a sign or some other object onto.


You may want to look around the area for the bench mark.



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I went back today and re-measured everything. This plate is within a foot of both road measures and from the witness post and stop sign post. I went out about 3-4 feet from my expected point and found nothing. This just has to be it.


It does have a different "sound" when tapped on the edges and in the center. As an aside, I found two other marks today that had the same kind of plate but with a hole in the center: KR 1829 & KR1838. I'm beginning to thinks somebody just forgot to use a plate with a hole.


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The FAQ will say you must read the brass disc, and this station is a brass disc, so you cannot log a find. If I were to use it for survey reasons, I would need to use the disc as well. This plate will do nothing for a Surveyor.


It would be up to you if you want a look under the plate. If you do remove the plate, please remember to replace everything as you found it.


Good luck!



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