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City Select V7, Anyone Upgrade?

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The purpose of this post is to inquire if any of you City Select V6 users have upgraded to V7. I really want to know if there is much difference between the two. Are there many new streets/roads? Are the POIs significantly different? From what I can tell using the map viewer, I cannot justify upgrading, but I would really like your opinions as users.



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I used V6 for just a short time & then upgraded to V7 for free....when did u get V6 as u could also get V7 for nothing....well the only thing I did noticed was that 1 small street was elimunated from V7 & had it in V6 ....I thought that was strange

Nah, I got in on the discount going from V5 to V6. My V5 had only been unlocked for a couple of months, and they let me have the upgrade for half price.

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I recently upgraded from v6 to v7. I've noticed that certain areas where I know the maps weren't quite right in v6 have been tweaked but I haven't had a chance to verify if they match reality any better.


I did notice that the auto-routing seems to be a bit smarter, at least when routing between my home and work.


The POI database for my part of the world also seems to be a bit more up-to-date.

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Of all the reasons I can't find a cache, bad map data is never one of them.


The hotel I'm staying in next week changed names, but it's clearly on CS6 (CN7 actually gets it right) but given the fact that it's a hotel with the same address, I'm sure I can resist the urge to stand in front of it and wonder where the hotel is.


I won't buy the CS7 upgrade. I was entitled to a CN7 upgrade for free, so I hopped on that. Side by side on local roads that I know are new, it's kind of hit and miss. It's certainly an incremental thing. Personally, I'm likely to be on the upgrade mill only every couple of years.


Sputnik57 had the right idea. Use the previewers to check out the areas that are important to YOU. If they're worth the $75(CS)/$150(CN) go for it. If not, sit this round out. After a couple of years, it'll be worth replacing.


The atlas in my glovebox isn't this year's version, either...And it's a lot less expensive than CS/CN.

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The revolution will be amazing, awesome, and lustworthy.


The maps will also technically work in your 60/76, but they'll be so big you can only hold four city blocks worth of these new maps. :-)



It sounds like many of us are agreeing here: since they went with Navtech (v4->v5) the map update are a pretty steady merry-go-round. Check the previews and choose when when you want to get on and off.

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I bought 6 on the cheap on Ebay and was able to upgrade for free to 7 (ordered the upgrade CD from Garmin).


So I hae no complaints. Since I now have both 6 and 7 (along with Metroguide 4) installed I can quckily switch map sets to compare detail.


It annoys me tha Metroguide 4 is STILL the most detailed of the three. Shows water features (rivers/streams etc) as well as rail road tracks that City Select doesent in my area.


Some smaller roads such as those in the local cemeteries and shopping centers are shown in City Select 6 but gone in 7.


Looks like the sacrificed some detail to make room for more POI.

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Some smaller roads such as those in the local cemeteries and shopping centers are shown in City Select 6 but gone in 7.


Looks like the sacrificed some detail to make room for more POI.

Hmmm, interesting. A couple of cemetaries/office complexes nearby that didn't have the roads before in 6 do now in 7.


Then again, I haven't revisited a few cemetaries that have extensive roads. Guess I should check that out.


It annoys me that they still didn't "dead-end" a road a mile from my house that has been rerouted/deadended for 7 years, even after I reported it twice (the second time including a KMZ bookmark). Autorouting "home" always wants to take the dead-end road.

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