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  1. What I heard is that MN.Fruitcake offered him an obscene sum of money to retire so that he could take over.
  2. Your best bet would be to post to the Minnesota Geocaching Association forums. http://mngca.org/forum/index.php
  3. FYI - SOME National Forests DO require registration. One example is the Superior National Forest in Minnesota.
  4. My assumption, FWIW, is that the Mapsource software will still be free in either Mac or PC versions and that the data sets you buy will work with either version. It would be nice to hear something official from Garmin, though.
  5. "Mapsource" is free. What you pay for as the map data (City Select, Topo, etc.) that Mapsource uses.
  6. Be sure to read the part of the guidelines dealing with commercial caches. Moe the Sleaze
  7. I can get into the main site and the forums just fine.
  8. At this time, the only thing going on in Minnesota that I'm aware of is Sir Z-man's podcast that you can simply play on your computer. I believe he mentioned in his latest 'cast that he is considering making a podcache but that hasn't happened yet.
  9. The coordinates on this site are in degrees and decimal minutes rather than degrees-minutes-seconds. Your example coordiantes are actually W42 degrees, 29.586 minutes by N70 degrees, 58.669 minutes
  10. We can all appreciate your enthusiasm for hiding your first cache, we've all been there. However, I'd like to suggest a different approach to planning your hides. Rather than starting with a container and looking for a place to hide it, why not wait until you find an interesting location that doesn't already have a cache and then figure out a way to hide one there?
  11. The funny thing to me about this whole thread is that there is little or no interest in it by people from Minnesota. This thread has been kept alive by outsiders with no stake in the matter. Yes, there has been some recent drama in Minnesota with a small handful of folks disagreeing with the MNGCA board's direction. They went off and started theie own forum. They may or may not be planning on forming their own association. If they do, that's their right. I may be wrong, but I don't think the OP's post had anything to do with that issue. I think he was just curious if anyone had considered having more than one association in the state based on geographical boundaries. It is obvious to me that no one in Minnesota, with the possible exception of the afore mentioned handful, feels the need for more than one association, evidenced by the fact that there are no Minnesotans here, or in the thread on the MNGCA forum referred to by Pearhead, arguing that case.
  12. Sorry about that! I can be patient for the next release.
  13. Here is something I would really like to see fixed in a future release. A gpx file as received from gc.com has a field named “owner” which contains the actual gc.com name of the cache owner, and a field named “placed by” that contains whatever name the owner typed into the “placed by” field when submitting the cache. When I load a gpx file into GSAK and then re-export it back into another gpx file (perhaps after doing some filtering), GSAK replaces the original “owner” field with the data from the “placed by” field. Any chance that can be corrected?
  14. Those are my GPS tracks of paddling my kayak along all 100 miles (approximately) of the shoreline of Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota.
  15. One method that I have used, but is time consuming, is to take a series of screen captures and stitch them together to make a larger composite. That's how I did this.
  16. Maybe in your part of the world, but here in Minnesota they hunt on Sundays.
  17. Is there any chance it is being filtered out due to the settings of your PQ? For instance if your PQ was set up to return caches with terrain ratings of 2 or less, you wouldn't get this cache. [edited to fix typos]
  18. Sure, as long as the trip isn't counter to the TB's goal. People do this all the time.
  19. I wonder if we will hear from tomslusher's "wife" now.
  20. Absolutely. You create a way point by storing your current position by holding down the "ENTER" key and then edit the coordinates to anything you like.
  21. There is no cost to join MnGCA. You go to their website, and if you want to be a voting member, agree to abide by their bylaws. Nothing exclusive about it.
  22. Yes, but to do that a person has to return to gc.com then to their My Account page then to pocket queries then locate that query then click the check mark then wait for it to complete. Or you could simply bookmark your pocket query page.
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