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There are programs people have written for ferreting out coordinates but the easiest way is to view all logs on one page and use your browsers Find/Search function. For example if you want to log a find at N43 xxxx W 082 yyyy do a search for N 43 or W 082 and you'll easily find duplicates. Do it quick though - locationless caches won't be around for too much longer.... :laughing:

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QUOTE (stormcloud @ Sep 3 2005, 04:42 PM)

Where are they going and why?


Locationless caches will soon be converted to Waymarks and, as I understand, will no longer be loggable as geocache finds


That is correct. All of the owners of Locationless Caches have been contacted and Groundspeak requested that they move their Locationless Caches over to the new Waymarking game.


Right now Waymarking is still in the Beta Test state, and can been seen by Premium Members, but that will change soon.


Back on Geocaching.com, all Locationless will be Archived and Locked on 01 JAN 06, to prevent additional log entries.


There are indications that the same ideas will occur to all of the other variations of Virtual Caches... There are already Catagories in Waymarking for Web Cam caches and EarthCaches. I also get the feeling that everything that is not a container cache (Virt, Web Cam, Earth) will be going through the same process.


Geocaching.com seems to be going back to its roots of container only caches.


There is quite a lot of debate over at the Waymarking Forums about all of this, so when it becomes available, you should look there for more information.


;) The Blue Quasar

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