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Any Exceptionnal Cache To Recommend?


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Hi. We are planning a trip from from Holland to the following rough route:


Calgary to Victoria via Williams Lake.


Waghinton state, Montana, Nevada, Utah, the ending up in San Francisco. All this over one month with a car.


That would probably turn me about 4000 caches possibilities... which is a bit overwhelming. I would love to hear recommendations for absolute "do not miss" cache if you know any!





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I am in Chilliwack (100 km east of Vancouver) and here are a few caches to hit on the way through:


These first three caches are all located at Bridal Falls just east of Chilliwack. It is a provincial dayuse park. There is a 15 minute walk up to the falls. The park also has washrooms and is a good place for a stretch after driving. It is located right off the highway. There are three caches, all on trails within a few minutes of parking.


Chilliwack's First - Chilliwacks first ever cache.

Bunker Cache - A two stage multi. The first stage requires you to find a sign. The cache is then sighted by compass.

Fern Grotto - An easy goto cache.


And here is my shameless plug :unsure: for one of my caches. It is located right off the highway in Chilliwack at the tourist info centre: Educating the Tourist

This is a two stage cache. The two stages are in the same parking area.


Hope this helps and have a great trip.

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Shannon, you crazy Diamond, will take you to BC's third highest waterfall, it's along the 99 "Sea to Sky" Highway. Also, *plug* I have a circut cache in Vancouver called SkyTraining. It was developed for tourists and takes you to 13 caches, all within 300m of a skytrain station. It's relatively easy, and has a puzzle cache at the end.


I definately second the recommendation of Norvan Falls as well. Absolutely beautiful park in North Vancouver. A must hike.


BC Tripper :D

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