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  1. Thanks to both of you for the offers. I think I may have found a person to take the whole series though, but if not, I'll email you [] BC Tripper
  2. As I've moved up to Prince George to attend UNBC I'm not going to be able to service a bunch of micros in Vancouver, so Skytraining is up for adoption. Anyone who is interested let me know. Thanks, BC Tripper
  3. Alright, I've taken the bait. The Cheebz and I might just have to make a special trip up there to nab this cache. BC Tripper
  4. ^ That's what I do... But in all fairness when I first got the trackable, I went back and dipped it in all the previous caches I had visited. I had a few not so nice emails about it, and I totally understand that. A fellow geocacher in Vancouver suggest that I use the "Discovered" function of the trackable, but I'm not sure what it does. Does anyone else know? BC Tripper
  5. Crake, I'd love one of each color. Please pm me with info on ordering etc. BC Tripper
  6. I think it would be appropriate if the cache was visited for say, maitenenace, but other than that I can't really justify it. BC Tripper
  7. What do you think about someone logging their personal trackable into their own caches to gain mileage? In this cache the person is profesing to only log the coin once in each cache and so far is holding to this rule, but it just doesn't sit right with me for some reason... Opinions? BC Tripper
  8. Ok, I went out to Save On Foods last night and bought a 20 piece set of "4 side locked". Tested every piece, and none of them leaked. If you have a save on card, they are $29.99 for the set. BC Tripper
  9. Great! Thanks to all who replied BC Tripper
  10. That's awesome! I've never done it myself, but I could see it happening at some of the places I've been to. Just think of it as an excuse to go back again BC Tripper
  11. BC Tripper

    Lock & Locks

    So I popped into Costco yesterday to grab another box of lock & locks, but it seems that they no longer stock them. Can someone point me in another direction? It means more caches in Vancouver if you do.... BC Tripper
  12. This is a totally awesome idea guys and gals. I'm definately gonig to give this one a go once it's in place. May take me a while though BC Tripper
  13. Getting me out caching is easy. It's trying to get me to come back inside that's the problem BC Tripper
  14. Just a quick update, I nabbed another FTF earthcache last week. I'm now 3/50. Also got my 300th cache BC Tripper
  15. I have a similar goal, I really like the concept of EarthCaches. I am also thinking of developing new EarthCaches too. Does your goal only include grandfathered Earthcaches still available on geocachinging.com or those on Waymarking.com too? Just curious to find out if you will be visiting my EarthCaches that are too late to be published on geocaching.com. I currently have one active in Edmonton (WMA65, Mazama Ash - Edmonton), but it has only attracted one visitor so far. There seems to be a serious lack of interest in EarthCaches since they've been moved to Waymarking.com. Maybe this issue should be addressed in another thread. The only ones that I've researched so far are the actual 'Earthcaches' as listed by geocaching.com. This is for two reasons, mainly because I'm not too fond of Waymarking, but also because it is hard to determine what is, and isn't, considered an earthcache when its listed as a waymark. Hell, I'll start with these 50 and see where that takes me. If the bugs still biting, I gues I'll have no choice than to waymark Also, I agree with you. It has caused a huge slow down in activity for Earthcaches. I am super glad that 23 got listed in BC before the change was made. I really do hope that they reconzider this, and yes, there was another thread going about this exact issue, but don't ask me where... BC Tripper
  16. I agree, it's totaly great to see someone with a hiding goal. I don't have one per se, but I always try to place a cache if I go somewhere unique or interesting while camping etc. For example, we placed a few around some out of the way hot springs here in B.C. and the whole experience was great! Guess that's another goal Do other, more complicated things, while trying to geocache BC Tripper
  17. I've thought about this question quite a bit lately. It seems some cachers are hell bent on raising their stats in some way. Some people are out for pure find counts, some collecting types of caches or trackables like geocoins. Others want as large of an icon count as possible... So what is your "geo-goal"? Or do you have one? Mine currently is to visit all Canadian Earthcaches. I'm 2/50 so far, and hope to knock off another few very soon. Cheers! BC Tripper
  18. The coins are excellent Landsharkz! I absolutely love them, and i managed to get them in time to take to Nova Scotia, so a big thanks for such prompt shipping BC Tripper
  19. BC Tripper


    Hey there! There are lots of great caches in the downtown area. A postal code close to the centre of downtown is V7Y 1K4. Search that, and you should see quite a few. Favorites of mine: Stumpjumping Sunset View Manor of Fact Two of mine: Skytraining:Waterfront Terminus Fountain of My®th Hope you enjoy Vancouver! BC Tripper
  20. We managed to get out to Bowen Island this past weekend, and although there wasn't any real mishaps, one cache did almost send me over the edge: May 7, 2006 @ 12:11PM First Cache in our Bowen Island Blitz! We took the 11 o'clock ferry over from Vancouver hoping to find all of Bowen's caches today. We had a great little hike up to Dorman point but when we got there, there were two muggles having an early cup of coffee at the viewpoint. They said hello while we looked at the view and told us that we could ask them any questions we wanted about what we were looking at across the harbour. We pretended to take some pictures while we poked around a little bit. But after 30 mins of looking, we decided to ask them if they knew anything about the cache. They both said no, but one of them said they had seen a piece of garbage at the bottom of a slope. We walked over to where we could see the 'garbage' and it looked like a possible cache container. The only problem is that it was litterally at the bottom of a rock face, caught in a bush and hanging by a thread. The climb down sure looked easier than it ended up being. What I didnt realize was that after the 'bottom' of the slope there was a 20' dropoff. So there's me, bending over to get the cache with the ground still in view, and then all of a sudden I looked over the edge and realized just how high I really was. Sure enough, it was the cache and once we looked at the hint, we figured that the cache must have slid over 20m down the rocks into that bush. In any event we brought it back up, showed the muggles what was in a geocache, signed the log, and placed the cache back in its intended position. All in all a sucsessful hunt, that could have been way worse . BC Tripper
  21. Just a note to let people in NS know that I will be moving a few 'harder to find' TB types, and coins out your way. Stay tuned for the new cache listing! BC Tripper
  22. Those are all great guys! Thanks alot for the info. I'm forming a list as we speak, but keep them coming anyways, I can always add! BC Tripper
  23. Many, many times unfortunatly. One of which I ended up dropping my key into the ocean looking for. NEver got the keys or the cache. BC Tripper
  24. lol, to very close by the Terranita actually. BC Tripper
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