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I see that at the bottom of the forums, they now have a link to "Waymarking", which is what would eventually replace Locationless caches.


This seems to be in a beta phase currently and only open to Premium members, but according to information/comments on the sight will be public in the near future.


I think, if well managed, from a South African perspective, we can do a lot of "advertising" for our country via this. Setting up categories/sub-categories, such as SA Game reserves, SA Backpacker hostels, and obviously places of interest for the tourists, would in my opining be very helpfull for any cacher visiting South Africa.


I see they also have a category for "Caching Tourist Guides" where people/companies can advertise to take newbies/visitors on local cache-hunt outings. I thing if each Province set up such a category, or if to small, maybe the whole country does it as a start, we can promote caching in South Africa even more.


Enough said for now, let me read some more...

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Categories are all on hold for the moment until the process has been ironed out. For the locationless and virtual hungry cachers… you will have noticed that some of these have already migrated off the GC site. WM has huge potential from an information perspective. It will also provide companies with valuable input from "consumers"…… yes believe it or not but there are restaurants etc listed… I'll not mention the Micky D fiasco ;) … you can read that up on the Waymarking forums yourselves once it is released to general public.


It seems however, thankfully, that it will be kept separate from Geocaching ;) . So those that want to waymark can waymark… and those that want to hunt physical caches can geocache… and those that want to do both… well nothings stopping you!


One also has to wonder with all this input provided by GPS users whether they will see a returned benefit from companies like Garmin and Garmap when they release their maps? They could essentially tap a wealth of information from WM for free! :D

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