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Trends In Caches


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Having mainly geocached around Wiltshire and Dorset, we have noticed that most caches in Wiltshire are in lock type boxes inside a camo bag. In Dorset, they appear to be just plastic boxes not many in camo bags. Last weekend we did several in Royal Berkshire, not a camo bag in sight, but a real abundance of black masking tape used on most caches or blue lid plastic boxes. There are obviously different trends around the country. Ibrufin containers are quite common in Wiltshire also instead of 35mm film cannisters as micro's, but we all know who hides them!! Are there any more trends out there? Of course there are the ammo boxes now and again, but plastic seems to be coming that little bit more frequent.

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In Berks it depends on who's caches you do (as is probably the case elsewhere). There are some excellent ones along the canal covered in black tape - a really excellent camouflage - and some friends of ours have made some out of thin water pipes with screw on ends. We and several other groups use standard ammo boxes (no plastic or fabric bags) for larger caches and black film containers for micros.


It never ceases to amaze us how often almost no trouble is taken to camouflage boxes. We've seen a good number of white plastic boxes used for caches which have been visible from several yards away. Those could certainly benefit from being put in camo bags.... but never black plastic. (Recently we had a white plastic box in a WHITE plastic bag - you could see it from 30 miles away!!!!)


Good caching....

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Yes we came upon three of the green tubes with screw on ends, one in a hedge on the

K & A and two more on the common. Very good for small swaps but very difficult to get out the log book. In fact could not get it out at all at one of them, unscrewed both ends and tried to push out with a walking stick - No chance, well and truely stuck. Certainly different though. Well it is 'Royal' Berks!

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I have hidden caches in Dorset and Swansea. For the standard caches, I use tupperware containers, but the 'seal tight' ones with clips at the side. I spray them with black aerosol to give some camouflage.


For the micros, which I suppose you could say are really very small regular caches, I use the same sprayed containers, but smaller. Not sure if we're allowed to mention particular shops, but one of the supermarket chains does seal-tight containers for 49p, which are just big enough to fit a Groundspeak log book, pencils, sharpeners, and some 'micro swops' into!

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Lip n lock in scotland arround edingburgh, ordinary tupperware in the lakes (many with small holes gnawed in them. Lots of smelly horrible plastic bags everywhere. Rather a lot of ammo boxes in shropshire. Big mixture in dartmoor of tupperware. and ireland had a lot of variety.

But most definitely to many plastic bags. Once found a silver ? ammobox with a tupperware box inside it which we found strange.

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It is the varity that we find amusing, some are so basic, plastic box, felt tip writing on top Geocache, and in a plastic retail shop bag for instance. Then the fully cammo ammo box. I personally use the 2.4 litre lock boxes, spray them camo, put on a geocache label, varnish that to preserve it, and then place it in a camo bag. Well they've lasted well up to now, and its not that expensive at all. Variety is great though, and the more ingenious the better. especially the trick ones, stones, logs etc.

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Here in the Midlands we don't get many caches to be able to judge trends. <_<


I just looked at GeocacheUK's interactive map, and there's thousands of blue spots around Newcastle. Manchester, Liverpool, London, Bristol, Southampton, etc. Just south of Birmingham there's a diagonal line across the country between South Wales and The Wash that's still mostly beige.


That's where I live.

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