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When Should I Hide The Cache?

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I have picked up 2 Travel Bugs and plan to relocate them a pretty far distance from where they were picked up.

Now, would it be best that I place them in an existing cache in the new area or create my own new ones? I would prefer to make a new cache for each of the two.

If I go with the new location option, I am afraid I will place them, get back home, submit them and find out they are not approved. If this happens, I wont be able to go back and do anything about it.

I am jumpy because I tried to create one a couple of weeks ago (my first one) and it was shot down. Granted it was going to be a virtual cache and I understand the rules are changing fast about those but I dont want to mess this one up.

Placing them where I want to will sort of make a good connection between existing cache locations and will hopefully be a benefit to the cachers in that area.

Are there some things I need to know as far as wording on the site submission form?

Thanks for any help.

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Agreed, you should place them ASAP in an existing cache . . . the TB owner will appreciate your moving the TB along expeditiously.


After all, it is HIS property, his agenda and priorities are what prevail, not your personal goals. Go ahead, create your caches but do not risk a hold up of the TB, set it loose to travel.

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If you are going to make a cache, place it close enough that if people question if the cache is infact there, you can drive to it. Say, "Yep, its there!" And drive home, and post a note.


If you can do that, then you can place the cache. Place them in a pre-existing cache because there are ALOT of travel bugs, you can create a cache and drop bugs off once it's approved.

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