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Catagory Proposal: Bells

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This would be under "thing" catagory.


Not sure if this would all fit into one catagory, or if it would need to be in sub catagories, depending on church, or school. Also, maybe everyone could help me, are there any other types of public bells out there?



Church bells and schools bells that are housed publically on top of the church or school, where they can be seen or heard. Not new pa systems, but traditional metal bells that need to be rang with a clapper. This used to be fairly common, but not as much anymore, at least in the US.

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I believe they're very rare, but there are other types of bells, like old bell towers in early American cities used to communicate warnings (war, weather, etc.) or celebrations. I don't know how many of these still exist today. Think the congressional bells in the Old Post Office Pavilion in DC, for example. I think this is a great idea. I'd love to see some of these sites.

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