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? About Maps For Pda

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I have a Geko 201 with no mapping capabilities. I am about to go paperless with a Palm Zire 21 that will be arriving soon. I've never owned a PDA, and since I still haven't seen the Zire 21, I don't know if there is a product that I can download to my Zire 21 that includes maps and/or driving directions capabilities.


I thought having something like that (if it exists) on my PDA would be useful for when I'm in unfamiliar territory. I believe you can pull up driving directions on MapQuest and then download the individual results to a PDA, but is there software on the market now that has similar functionality as MapQuest (or a similar application) that is self-contained? (ie, let you request directions without internet connection directly from the PDA for those times when you didn't download before leaving the house)


Or, alternatively, could I purchase Garmin's (or any other) mapping software, use that on my regular computer, and download maps or any other info to the Zire 21? (I guess it wouldn't matter if it was Garmin or not, since it won't be loaded into the GPSr, just the PDA).


I hope my questions make sense. Any help would be appreciated!

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I have a Geko 201 with no mapping capabilities.  I am about to go paperless with a Palm Zire 21 !

I use a Zire 21 and it's Great for Geocaching.

But your looking for it to do a little bit more than it is capable of doing.


It has no card slot to interface with the GPSr.


Not enough screen resolution or prossesor power to render it's own maps.

I have been able to "Spin" MapQuest maps to the Palm. It works but just using a paper map when needed is exponecially easier.


Play around with the 21 when you get it and get familiar with it. You'll be pleased that you got it :D

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