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Teams And Team Creation

Troul Hawk

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I was just wondering if anyone had seen a post regarding the creation of teams. I started hunting without my family but after they went with me one time, they were hooked.


We decided we would like to be a Team.


Is there a way to log the visit to the cache and have the find show up on the Team members counts as well? Is it frowned upon to have each one of us log our visit? It does seem to busy up the log.


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!




P.S.-We each have a unique username on the geocaching.com website.


WOO HOO First post down, many many to go :laughing:

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You can cache as a team, but are you sure you want to log as one? I'm not saying it's wrong, but what happens if one caches more then the other? How old are these people, are they going to be out on their own in a couple years?


My nine year old daughter caches and if she had the chance she'd have a higher count than mine. She's even started caching without me (but still with family). She has her own account that I manage for her.

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Thanks Isonzo, My only concern is that there could be up to five log entries added for a single visit (Team and then individual counts).  Does that matter?



Most people either log as individuals or as a team, but not both on the same cache. As a cache owner, I like to track the number of people or teams who find my caches and enjoy reading what each has to say about their experience - logging both as individuals and as a team seems redundant to me (like double logging).


As your number of finds goes up, you'll also want to consider how much time you want to spend logging vs. caching. It can get rather tedious if you have 10-12 finds in a day and are logging each one five times (50 or 60 logs)! My concern is that you would end up making very brief log entries that don't say anything. As a cache owner, that would annoy me a bit. Also remember that the cache onwer receives an email each time a log is entered - I suppose it could feel a bit like spamming if it's essentially the same log repeated five times.


It's not that big a deal, but if you're interested in maintaing individual counts even when you all cache together, then individual accounts would be the better way to go.

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Thanks for the input everyone. Yeah Kai, that is why I was concerned, thinking more of the owner than a visitor.


I think I will break it out like this. If we find it as a team, then I will see who wants individual logs. I would like to think that my kids will keep geocaching for years to come, and would really appreciate the extra effort dear ole' dad went through to keep their logs accurate. I will most likely just add an entry that says which team we are a part of.


Maybe someone could use one of the many "clan" mods used in the gaming world to add a database field that can hold the Team name. Then it just comes up incidentally in logs, or here in the forums as "member of Team xxxx". Of course that complicates an isssue that probably doesn't warrant the time. :(


Thanks for the Input everyone.


Troul Hawk member of Team BlameTheDog :D :D :D

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Some of my co-workers and I have our own team. Our only guideline is that two or more members of the team have to cache together for it to count as a team credit. Each cacher gets to claim individual credit for the cache also. We all have the passwords to the account but one of us is the overall manager for it. It's a technique we use and it has worked well so far.


Palm Grunt

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