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I was wondering if it is possible to have a multi-virtual cache. The coordinates for all the parts would be listed on the cache page or else you would have to use a sign near the cache sight to find the coordinates. Anybody have any ideas or comments on this idea?

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An *EXCELLENT* one I've done:


GCG29M - Where's the Floodwall


Located in Portsmouth, Ohio, along the Ohio River. Local artists have painted murals covering the floodwalls complete length. Murals tell the history and development of the area and introduce many people of historical significance. THe paintings are very realistic - often photographic quality. In fact, the subject of question #1, I have mistaken the "fellow" to be alive upon first look.


The floodwall itself is a virtual guided tour of the areas history. Mr. Bloodhound did an excellent job on this virtual.

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This one is also a virtual multi. Each "stage" has a sign or something with numbers on it that leads you to the next stage, and at the end the final stage is a virtual. The route it takes you is part of the fun.


I really liked the way this one was done.



Then there's this one we just did this past week. Very interesting and nicely done as well, I thought.


All this to say -- others have made it work, and made it work well. So check out some of the examples that have been listed, give it a shot, and see what comes of it.

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