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Tb Missing From Cache

Team Red Oak

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Yesterday we went to a cache specifically to pick up a certain TB, when we found the cache, the TB was gone. The cacher who took it, signed the log book that he/she had taken it. When we got home, I looked through the online logs and I see the cacher logged the cache find and noted he/she took the travel bug and the cacher says he/she will move it closer to the destination. (I don't read previous logs before I go on a hunt because I don't want any hints). I assume the cacher will also write in the log book when the TB is dropped. But the person did not log the TB on the TB site so it still shows that it is in the cache.


The cacher is new with only 8 finds. So my question is: a) do I email the cacher and let them know they should use the tag on the TB and log the TB out of the cache, B) do I email the owner of the TB to let them know who has the TB, or c) do nothing and hope the cacher realizes he/she has to do something with the TB tracking number? I feel eventually someone will find the TB in a cache closer to its destination, but will not know how it got there.


I'm not trying to be a TB cop, this is just something I happened to notice because I went looking for this particular TB. I am fairly new myself and at times not the most tactful person. So I come to you guys, for your opinion and I will follow the most popular advice.



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I vote for letting the cacher know how to 'grab' and 'drop' the TB correctly, I bet that it's just lack of knowledge. If the cacher knows how to log a bug, they rarely screw that up. And the bug would keep the correct mileage. That's what I would do with a noob. Thanks.


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Sometimes it can be a few days until a TB is registered as being moved on especially during vacations when it may not always be possible to get on line to log finds. If you are looking for this particular TB you could always mail them and ask the general location time when it may be placed so you can give a gentle nudge. Do you know from the profile if this cacher has previously logged a TB as a find. No harm in explaining.


Sue & G

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If they logged the find, they could have logged the bug. You could wait a few days to make sure, but if they place the bug and dont log it, well I never keep the numbers from the tags, so the mileage will be wrong and the next finder will have some extra work to do. If they haven't ever logged a bug, then send them a link to the travel bug page at least or the travel bug FAQ.

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To answer S&G. Davison:


This seems like the cacher's first TB and he/she picked it up on 9 July. All the cacher's finds are in my local area so I can assume this cacher lives in the vicinity of the cache and he/she did log the cache find online. This cacher has been to three caches with TB's, but has only picked up this one TB according to the cache logs.


Oddly enough the profile says he/she has been a member since Dec 04, but the cacher's first find wasn't until 8 Jul 05. Possibly was part of a team and is now on his/her own??


Although we went to the cache looking for this TB, it was only because we will be traveling next weekend so we were looking for any TB's in our area that we could help on their way and this TB was one we could have helped. We did find two TB's in another cache that we can help move next weekend.


Thanks for the advice so far.

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In the last week or so we have visited several caches where TBs have been missing - ie removed and not properly logged. Looking back through the logs we have sometimes been able to work out who has taken them and emailed them with a request that they properly log them. Unfortunately, in as many cases there has been no evidence who has taken them. One cache had half a dozen log entries which bore little resemblance to those on the web page and if the cache had not been so well hidden, off the beaten track, one might have imagined that children were involved. Alas, it looks like people are simply getting co-ords off the internet and messing things up for serious geocachers. When we work out a list of caches to do we favour those with TBs so we are losing a lot of enjoyment at the moment.


All this is yet another reason why, in our opinion, ALL caches should be members only and ALL cachers should be premium members. That way, co-ords would only be available to members and nobody would be able to obtain the info without registering.

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