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Waypoints And Yellow Garmin Etrex Gps

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Option two of Uncle T K's post above is how I enter waypoints in my yellow eTrex. If I plan on searching for five caches, I go outside and mark five waypoints in my back yard and note the numbers they are "saved as". Then I go to the waypoints saved by each number and manually alter each number to the cache co-ordinates. Then, I change the "saved as" number to a name I can remember as relates to the name of the cache.


I have yet to need a serial cable as we seldom look for more than five or six caches at a time.

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I do the same thing, but I don't go to the trouble of going outside or remembering what numbers they are assigned to. I do it all from my home office in the basement since you don't need to have a satellite lock to enter waypoints. Just hit "mark" from the menu page and edit the all the info -- name, icon, coords -- before hitting ok.


(Actually, I have a Gecko 201, but I imagine it's pretty much the same as the eTrex.)

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You're right -- you don't need a satellite lock to mark a waypoint. The eTrex will just guess it's at the last location where you actually had it outside. And you can edit the name and coords right there on the Mark a Waypoint screen; just use the up/down buttons to highlight the fields you want to change. No need to mark and then go back and edit later.

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