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Logging Finds


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Ok, I posted last night that I am ready to get out and Hunt. Dd is driving me nuts. I have a Virtual cache to start with...know exactly where it is....just want to test drive gps with this one...you know, get a feel for it all. Then I have several others on the todo list. Dd (age9) is going nuts as we drive by that Virtual cache all of the time....even she figured it out by the clues. There are a few that I cant do due to PI...dd and I are both Highly allergic...so we dont need trip to ER...althought I have been trying to figure a way to the cache around the PI....hehehe.


My question is: dd wants to log her finds as well. I know that some familys/groups go and either the first finder logs or each one finds and logs. Dd is not registered here. She wants to log, sign logbooks, etc. Can she do that? How or what needs to be done so she can log finds? We dont want to 'break rules' or do this wrong.


Thanks for help.

BTW...last night I input 6 caches into gps so I can get started.



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You can both sign the log and you can both have an account here to log the find online, that is perfectly acceptable. Some people do it this way, others use a team/family name and log online just once. Totally personal preference.


In the event you become a premium member some would find it easier (and less expensive) if everyone in the family shared the same account.


But again, do it however you wish, it is all acceptable.

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Most people (at least the logs I have found) sign their screen or geocaching.co user name. I sign as Be-a-Jayhawk. I have also seen logs where folks sign their actual name. If you sign with your screen name, we can look you up.


Tkae a pen or pencil with you. You may also want to take a note pad so you can record your thoughts on the hunt, what you took and left. Enjoy!

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Thanks.  Already have notebook for this.  As you said, I do want to record info for each hunt.  Thanks for the help.



Many of us use our onlines logs as our record of the hunt.


And if your daughter wants to log online, by all means create an account for her.

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I am definitely a newbie also.


When I go searching I carry a pocket sized micro-recorder that I already had. I find it to be more convienient for my use. That way I can record some quick voice notes on the trail and some at the cache site. When I get back home I use the tape to refresh my memory while I log and write up the find.

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The fact that you are asking tells me that you have no problem with her having her own account. Other than your preference, there is no reason not to let her set up her own. A number of geocaching families have accounts for each member.

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My dd is 9 so she can sign the logs. I just didnt know if that would be ok with some cachers. If we find a Virtual cache, she has to do the requirements of it just like I do...so it seems that she should also be able to log it. We did 2 virtuals yesterday and she was answering the questions (at least looking for the answers), she took the pic of me w/ gps as required also. I have her do both requirements. Makes her do some brainwork while there.



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