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Fugawi Global Navigator


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Fugawi has announced the successor to Fugawi 3 which is Fugawi Global Navigator Unfortunately for those of us who are long time users and purchased the Fugawi 3 software before 2005 the upgrade will cost $60.95.


Fugawi Global Navigator features

Actually thats not a bad price considering what the full retail tag is. I've used my version 3.xx for almost 4 years and have had a few upgrades free-of-charge. I wish I could get a new set of topos for less than 1/2 price. :lol:


Cheers, Olar

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I was so dissapointed in Fugawi 3, I won't even deign to try version 4. I'll grudgingly admit that the desktop software was passable -- not good, but passable. However the Palm application was completely unusable, and was the main reason I had bought it. I switched to Ozi, something I should have done anyways since it is much better and everyone else up here uses it. No one here has even heard of Fugawi, and with good reason.


In fact, my original Fugawi 3 CDs are sitting in a cache I've had ready to place for a few months. Anyone who wants to save some bucks on v4 just has to make a little trip up north to be FTF. :laughing:




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Fugawi's strength is the number of map formats it supports. I bought it to use with the seamless SoftMap products (once you've tried seamless you'll never go back to map sheets).


The user interface is different for each and each has it's own benifits. I use the Palm app too and I agree it's pretty basic.


Fugawi customer service can be very slow to nonexistent and it has a very small customer base. The huge number of Ozi users and all the add-ons that have resulted from user contributions make it very attractive.

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