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A friend of mine purchased my old GPS. He is very much into hiking (I'll convert him later to hiking Geocacher). Now the q to other hiking geocachers:


Is there software available (mainly to download as tracks onto a Garmin eTrex Vista) available, especially for the Drakensgerg?


Any additional mapping software, links, etc. that users have found useful would also be appreciated.


Thank you.

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You can use something like Mapsource or OziExplorer, or GPSUtility. There are some other command line type programs which will do the stuff as well, just do a search on a search engine. They tend to be rather technical though


Personally I use Mapsource which is shipped with many of the Garmin GPSr's. The lastest version is available from Garmap, although you will be paying a lot of money for maps which you can not use on the Etrex. Something like GPSUtility may be sufficient.


If I recall tracks4africa publishes their tracks as mapsource files. I haven't found software that converts tracks from one product to another, only waypoints. You generally need a range of software's and do imports and exports. This means that if you don't have mapsource you may need to do some file editing in notepad to convert the track data into a standard format as a txt file, then you will be able to import using something like GPSUtililty. I think you can download OziExplorer from somewhere... may be your best bet.


You could perhaps also try GPSTrackmaker.

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