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When To Declare "not Found"?


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Like I posted in another thread.


A DNF on one of our caches this week is the only reason I went out to check it and find that it's missing. DNF=Displaced cache Notification Flag.


Thanks to the cachers who flagged our cache with their log.


- T of TandS

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found it on our thrid trip" are robbing the cache owner

Doesn't that equal 2 dnf's and 1 found?

I'm a noob and I'm not bashing...just following the thread.

It is making us re-think how we do it.

We log dnf's when we give up on the cache.

The reason being.....w/ 2 kids in school and playing sports and other obligations, we sometimes literally only have a few miniutes to hunt, so we may do it in stages.

We just completed a very long multi...5 stages... it took us 8 days to complete.

AShould it have been a DNF after the first day?


Matt- wearing flame-proof undies- :unsure:

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I log most DNFs, but admittedly not all of them. I do consider DNFs to be useful information both to the cache owner as well as other cache seekers. (I don't want to count the times I posted multiple DNFs for the same cache, then had someone else post an "easy find", or my own later revisit trying to understand how I could have possibly missed it the first time.)


So when do I not post them? Well, once or twice I plum forgot - I had done several caches in a row, found the others, and in logging my visits, had just run through my PDA's "found but not yet logged" list. But I might deliberately not log a DNF if something prevented me from really searching - my reason for stopping the search was neither useful nor entertaining.


Slight side topic - I have seen other people claim that they don't log all of their finds, either - usually adding "it's not about the numbers." I ask that they would log them. On more than one occasion, I logged a DNF, and a few days later someone else logged a find - which tells me that I need to look harder ( or smarter.) I have had a few DNFs which had no log entries at all after mine for quite a while - leaving me to wonder if that cache is still there. So just as logging DNFs is helpful to others, so is logging finds.

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We just completed a very long multi...5 stages... it took us 8 days to complete.

AShould it have been a DNF after the first day?


I personally would have. My criteria are if I call up the caches waypoint on my GPS and hit GO TO, but don't find the cache, its a DNF.


Many people would just log an note in your instance. That's fine too.

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We just completed a very long multi...5 stages... it took us 8 days to complete.

AShould it have been a DNF after the first day?


I think that I would have logged a note as long as you found each stage when you looked for it. For instance if your intent was to only find stages 1 and 2 and you found them, then log a note saying you only intended to find the first 2 stages and you found them. If your intent was to find stages 1, 2, and 3, but you only found stages 1 and 2, and you searched for 3 then log a DNF for stage 3. The important thing is the feedback to the cache owner. If you log a DNF each time you looked for a stage when you never intended to look for the final, the owner may think something is wrong with the cache. When in fact you just can't do the entire multi in one try.


We've logged more than one DNF on a cache becasue we didn't find the cache until the 3rd try. So we logged 2 DNF and one smiley. One of the attempts to find was cut short becasue we had to pick up kids, but we still made it to the final stage and looked for a few minutes, even if we didn't make it to the final stage we would have logged a DNF because our intent was to find the entire cache.


At the end of the day you have to log in a way you can live with no matter how anyone says you should log. We found the forums very helpful when we first started caching, especially the smiley vs DNF threads. More experienced cachers brought up factors we never considered.

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If you didn't find it even after a half an hour of looking, log a dnf.

lol, I looked for a cache for 2 1/2 hours before giving up. I would have kept looking except for the fact it was in the middle of a boulder field and the rocks were all wet and I had had couple of near injuries that would have been very, very bad...(falling backwards on rocks and catching myself with my foot which slipped under another rock and stopping with my head 6 inches short of smashing into a sharp rock). I sprained both ankles, jammed both wrists and collected several bruises before giving up. :unsure:

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