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  1. Don't just throw a magnetic on a guardrail or a micro in tree in the woods. Make it interesting Put your first cache .... ALL caches really ..... where there is something to see. I have one here. (see attached image ) Or at the very least , make it an interesting container.
  2. Trunk Monkey. They can get to anything, anywhere, anytime. Matt
  3. HMMMMM. It was an amazing example of "sockdar". Built in radar to tell who is and isn't a sockpuppet. Matt I just coined a new word!
  4. HMMMM..... seems I'm one of a kind. the lone sane mind in a world of heepers. <------see avatar I drive a 1987 Suzuki Samurai......everyday, to work and play. I also use it to pull out the heeps....and I have witnesses....who were also driveing heeps. Matt btw- Yes, it's a Jeep thing. I got it, and it burned when I peed , but anti-biotics cleared it right up!
  5. Ok... I know...quoting myself...BUT I was on a night hunt....the cache was not night friendly...last week and just as an afterthought I took my re-chargable, gazillion candle power light bazooka... Gotta admit it was much easier to see than w/ my mini-mag. I think I'll keep this thing around for the night hunts when stealth isn't an issue. Matt
  6. Cachemate and easyGPS. I can load 2 palms and 2 GPSr's in 10-15 minutes.......my Palm are old -n-slow. Gives you all you need. As stated Cachemate is $8 for the unfettered version....well worth it. EasyGPS is free. Matt
  7. If the fake leaves you have are autumn colors it should be ok.....the leaves on the ground around it won't turn back to green! Matt
  8. Everything mentioned sounds good (except for the porn & whiskey ) We do the sewing kit and 1st aid kit regularly. Something new we thought about was the induvidual packs of kleenex. Just bought several and will put them out as we go. Matt- btw- I cache with my wife and 2 daughters, so wee need the kleenex! (spelling is correct!-pun is intended)
  9. Female tendencies? being toooo in touch w/ thier feminine side? No...j/k ... I have thought of getting one myself. I regularly attend/volunteer at the Triad Highland Games in Greensboro, NC. My wife has found her/our clan and if I wanted I could have a clan-correct kilt. One of the Ulility-Kilts would be cool too.But a 4 ft. tall 400 lbs. man in a kilt ain't a pretty thought....or site! Matt I was looking at my post and my avatar...... I would imagine it would be highly entertaining to watch me get in and out of a much lifted Samurai while trying to remain modest.
  10. With us , it is a FAMILY thing. We usually have at least one of our 2 daughters w/us. Our oldest.....13, new teenager, is your typical un-interested-in-anything-the-family-does-teen. Our 9 year old loves it and she is a cache-finding demon.....i have to hustle when she is along or I won't find any at all! Matt
  11. Your GPSr is nothing more than a use-specific radio reciever...hence gpsR(eciever). Radio signals can and are affected by weather, sunspots & other solar activity, radio interferance in the area, and the actual geologic make up of the area you are in. No matter what the frequency is! That said, the GPSr's seem to bothered less by all of these.....but I have seen days when reception was poor on my Amateur Radio equipment and the GPSr was accurate to w/ in a state or so.... If you're interested, go pick up an ARRL Amateur Radio handbook at the library and read.....the gov't uses it for reference material. Matt- btw- the above stated reasons are why the US Coast Guard and other military agencies are establishing the land use towers.....to improve accurracey.
  12. I have found many cemetary hides.....I didn't have a problem w/ it, and trust me, the residents didn't mind either! My first find was a cemetary.....respectfully done....and w/out any cemetary interference at all. I have a TB Resort hide that is AT a cemetary. When submitted, our reviewer had a few questions ( this was after SC happenings). Becuase of SC, I placed the cache on the same property, but outside of the confines of the cemetary boundaries. After a pointed this out to the reviewer....I was good to go. Several things going on at once here. -in our area, cemetaries tend to have a driveway around the outside. -Many are community parks, even if on private property. -Many are vet memorials -many are VERY old I don't see a reason not to visit. History is history....above and below ground. Our next hide/first LBH will be similar. At a cemetary...across the driveway. Matt
  13. Ummm maybe I'm wrong about this (and I have on my flame proof undies) but I thought this geo-stuff was supposed to be kinda on the down-low...you know, stealthy! Isn't it kinda hard to sneak around in the dark w/ a billion candle-power-watt-ever flashlight torching the leaves off the trees? Matt
  14. I have a pretty big fanny pack that closelt resembles the description of the Subaru pack...minus the name. It also has the lashings on it for strapping on jackets etc. The belt is very wide....and expands where it meets the pack and is also padded. very comfy....much more so than any other pack I've used (fanny or back). It typically carries... Main pocket: 2-GPSr's ( unless they're in use) (of course!) (duh!) 2-palm pilots 2-5 ink pens 2- zip baggies w/ various sizes of baggies in them for repair 1-compass 1-mini-maglite 4-5 "nicer" swag items (bigger than most items) 1-stamp for LB Hybrids small front zip pocket: 1-firstaid kit 2-rain ponchos tylenol *these items always in the pack* side mesh pockets: 1 or 2 water bottles. Extra side straps can hold 1 flashlight on each side. I have carried it FULL w/ 2 water bottles and 2 flashlights on log treks w/ no problems. If we need anything else it'll be because one or both of our daughters are along. We'll just put a backpack on the kid...load it down...drive them to the cache site like an oxcart. Matt
  15. Finding and logging caches in the worst possible weather w/ out ruining the cache or log. I once found a micro behind this big wooden boat w/ 2 of each animal on it....while it was raining. Matt
  16. Quick and easy cheat ...... Re-set your GPSr to the coords and or datum you have. Mark a waypoint and re-place the coords w/ the ones you have. Change to datum and and output to what you need and go back to the waypoint. Matt- it's a lot easier to do than type and read!
  17. -ziplocks -pens/pencils -trade items -our personal log book -flashlights (2 small ones, ALWAYS!) -small first aid kit -2 GPSr's -Palm Pilot (paperless) -compass whenever I go get one -leterboxing stamp/pad ....and the kitchen sink!! Matt
  18. Amen to that. The wife and I were discussing this last night. We live out in the sticks and were hitting some urban/city caches last night...we like the dark. We were amazed at some of the places we see people in the city at night. Places I wouldn't get out w/ a loaded shotgun w/ the safety off. I guess it's where they live...it's home. On the flipside.....those people would never dare get out in the dark woods in the country, 25 miles from anything to find a tupperware sandwich container w/ a stamp in it. I guess a lot of it is a matter of perspective. Be glad they're not talking about politics, religion, or how old a person's daughter should be before they can date. NOTHING! Thats why I married her when she turned 24 and they decided she was old enuff to date. Matt
  19. I just read the REAL truth behind Signal. You people reallllllly be sick! I like ya'll! Matt
  20. I've been an outdoorsman for 28 years.... hunting fishing hiking camping offroading & now geocaching. More than once I've been in stuations where a side arm would be nice to have. ONLY once have I been in a situatiuon where I didn't have one...the first time. After that, carry it in plain sight and it's legal where I live, I don't go w/out one. Now around home and urban/suburban....kinda rural geocaching I don't carry. Any other time....I'm a good boyscout...Always Prepared! Matt
  21. I have 2 GPSr's. The omnipresent yellow Etrex and an Etrex Venture. I got them both used (very little, tho) and that means cheap. They both work very well....the Venture is a newer unit and seems to be a bit more accurate and faster. WAAS is off...2 WAAS birds is a waste of time and batteries. So there you have it. Cheap, reliable, and they work. We have found several caches that others didn't....or found them faster...when the others were using the higher dollar models. Here's a good test. I handed mine to my 9 tr. old and said tell us which way to go....in the dark. She directed to w/ in 6 feet. And if she had dropped/lost it....cheaper to replace. Matt btw-GPSr's w/ maps? C'mon.....a 1"x2" is waaaay too small.
  22. Even tho' I have 2 geo set-ups for paperless. 2 GPSrs and 2 Palm Pilots I went paperless for 8 bucks......the price of Cachemate. I already had the Palms around so I downloaded Cachemate and used the limited free version 1 time. That was all it took to prove how useful a tool it is. I bought it and it is the ONLY online software I have ever bought. btw-1 of our paperless set-ups is on a Palm 3...old and slow, but works well and is ultra reliable. And really, it's only slow on the sync w/ the laptop. Matt
  23. Get this..... I am paperless. Garmin Etrex Venture, Palm 125 w/ Cachemate, and EasyGPS to load the Palm. Also an Yellow Etrex and OLD Palm 3 for my wife.....BUT I am paperless......my wife is paperful. I can't get her to do w/ out them blamed ol' papers. Even tho' I have demonsrated the usefullness and capability....I just don't have the maps. Oh well....it's all good ... just go caching! Matt
  24. Compass screen while running "goto" until I get w/ in approx. 30 feet......Then I watch actual coords to get to ground zero. Now I start looking for the cache. Matt- basic Etrex ( yellow ) and Etrex Venture
  25. Lizooki

    Using Maps

    Maybe it's just my mapping skills...... But I've never managed to get a mapped plot to closely coincide w/ the GPSr. But then again...you would be amazed at how in-accurate maps can be. If you hid one usind a map..it would be easy to find using a map. Matt
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