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i'm from the sw pa area and wondering if someone can lead me to some more remote hikes and caches...i usually have an hour or 2 to kill during the day and am not looking for all day affairs...mostly in the allegheny, beaver county area but will make it to surrounding counties or anyplace that is interesting...just more remote hikes....thanks for any input...






a couple that i did and found are blue 285, clifftop #1, wildwood critters I & robin hill cache...1 that i didn't find was carpenter house.....all nice, short hikes and didn't run into a lot of people..

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Here are some hiders of caches that require a nice hike in Southwest PA:


Fayette and Westmoreland County: Quest Master

Beaver County: Team Rambo

Butler County: Puppyman

Greene County: Accident_Prone_Hiker


And here are some specific parks to check out:


Raccoon Creek State Park (Beaver County): Four caches by The Leprechauns, plus a virtual, with one new cache pending DCNR approval.


Settlers Cabin County Park (Allegheny County): Four caches.


Hartwood Acres (Allegheny County): I lost count, probably a half dozen caches.


Since I also enjoy a good hike out in the woods and up and down the hills, you'll want to check out my bookmark list of "The Leprechauns' Top 5% Greatest Cache Hunts." It's heavily biased towards Southwest PA caches because I live here. Click on the link at the bottom of my forum post.

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My good friend Lep recomended some great caches and cachers.


I second his suggestion that you should try any of Quest Master's many caches. He hides some of the coolest caches in some of the most random places.


If you're interested Southwestern Pennsylvania has our own group on yahoo. Tri-Go is a group of mostly friendly geocachers from many Western Pennsylvania counties. Tri-Go supposedly stands for "Three Rivers Informal Geocaching Organization" (or at least that's what they told me it stands for)


We'd love to have you, and I'm sure the guys could recomend even more great caches if you just mention any specific area, like I said, we have members from just about all over in Western PA.


Check us Out: Tri-Go on Yahoo! Groups

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First off, we lied to Team K-9. You don't really find out what Trigo stands for until you learn all 5 verses of the hymn (in Gaelic) and the secret handshake.


If you like the longer hikes, the Clifftop caches are good for starters. There are a bunch in North Park, some are short and easy, some are longer, but it's a great way to kill a day or three because you can spend as much time as you have. LoggerLager II is a good one for what you're looking for (hopefully it isn't archived by now).


I agree with the Quest Master caches - do as many of them as you can, because they're all good. Some are probably longer than the 2 hours you mentioned. Read the logs, it'll give you an idea of what's involved. Puppyman's caches in Moraine State Park are excellent.


Two other cachers that hide some good moderate hikes - Nellsnake and Team Willow. They've both been on puzzle kicks lately, though, so read the pages before you try any of theirs. Otherwise, you'll park the car and realize you need a spool of wire, some putty, and a supercomputer.


If you don't mind a relatively easy puzzle, you could hit my cache 'Into The Fold'. It will probably take around 2 hours and take you to a place that's out of the way, yet still in the middle of Allegheny County. Syzygy, another of mine, is more difficult, and I wouldn't suggest it to anybody that didn't know what they're getting into.


Good luck in your wanderings in SWPA - I can honestly say that you can look forward to some of the best caching anywhere. I hope you like hills!

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And don't forget YemonYime. Their puzzles have enough humor behind them to make you forget the pain of the solving them. Like Tonsil (Syzygy is way cool) said, we are very fortunate to have alot of quality caches here. The puzzles have become unreal in this dueling puzzle contest. Spend a day in Fayette County doing Quest Master caches and you wont be sorry. Join Trigo and you can read some of the previous posts containing recommedations. Good Luck

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Hey, you can't forget the Yimes! The Prime Yime is a personal friend and one of only 2 people that have hit me with a slapshot in an office setting (true!). He can't normally get out to the truly remote locations, so he makes up for it by keeping his hides close to home but spending an inordinate amount of time on them. The artwork, puzzles, and prose truly raise the bar. The only reason I didn't mention his caches before is because I have only found one of them! I just don't get over there much anymore... he needs to hide some caches in Cumberland, MD! ;)

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