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Recommendations For Northern Ireland...

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Hi Folks,


My wife and I (that still sounds strange :P ) are off to NI for the long weekend coming up, and are after recommendations for a.) some great caches in stunning locations and b.) some good campsites/grounds. Any thoughts?!


We may toddle into ROI too, depending on time, so opinions here would be muchly appreciated as well.


To give you an idea, we arrive in on the boat to Belfast on Saturday AM, and head out on Tuesday PM - with car, so nice n' mobile. We were planning to head to the North coast (and maybe NW too), as we're told it's rather beautiful...


Thanks in advance!!

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Well you're heading to the right place as far as beautiful caches are concerned.


Coming out of Belfast and heading north and then east along the coast I would recommend, in this order:


Special Section

The Grey Man's Head

Marconi's Cottage

Great North Trek

The Rock Pool

Home By The Sea


You can also take in the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, the Bushmills Whiskey Distillery and the Giant's Causeway - but there's no caches at any of these locations (yet!). Also, for a good insight into Belfast, past and present, take a Black Taxi Tour around the city.


I don't have any campsites to recommend - sorry :P - and if you're looking for more recommendations then I'll need a more detailed 'route'. :D


If you're looking for inspiration try the interactive map on geocachingireland.com or consult our very own "Recommended Caches" section on the bottom of this page.


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