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Go To Last Unread????!!!


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:lol: I have been wondering why there are on some topics marked "Go to last unread" and some topics are without that mark even when there are more pages than the previous.


"HERE THERE IS Go to last unread": Fin: Murha Ei Vanhene Koskaan... (Pages 1 2 )


"HERE THERE ISN*T Go to last unread ":Modification Reports Of Finnish Caches (Pages 1 2 3 )



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If I understood the question right, you get the Go to last unread tag newpost.gif only if there are new posts in certain thread since you were last time logged into the forums. It doesn't matter how many (pages of) posts there are in a single thread, but if there are new posts after your previous visit, the topics get the Go to last unread tag.

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