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North Yorkshire Cache Meet

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Update to 18th June 2005 Cache Meet in Harrogate..


The following note has been placed on the cache page, but for those who are not watching the event I have duplicated it here.


"As this is likely to be a large event, there are now 29 people watching the event and over 15 already saying they are attending.


Can anyone who is interested in attending please let me know what is the general oppinion regarding food:-


1. Do I just let you all order from the bar menu

2. Do you want a buffet laid on, and if so £3/head £5/head etc etc

3. You are not interested in food !


Please can you email me back with your suggestions. Although I might not be able to suit the needs of everyone at least I will have a better idea."





It will give me a better idea as to what people want this year.


If any other cache event organisers want to make any suggestions please comment !

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Ohh we want a whole pig roasting on a spit over a fire, boiled sweet breads, all washed down with a nice chianti...... :lol::)


To be honest, looks like someone has put a load of caches out around the area!! :) so we`ll be trying to do a few of them, so just getting your own pub meals when we arrive is probably best for us too. We tend to be an unpunctual lot.



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