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Hijacked Cache Page - Lost

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A few months ago when I was visitng the Seattle area and searching for caches to find I came across a cache page that disappeared/faded away as soon as you opened it and was replaced with a spoof page that purported to be "hijacking" that description. This was obviously a puzlle that needed solving. I wanted to try and find it again and see if I could solve the puzzle but I cannot. Maybe it has been archived.


Can anyone help me locate that particular page please?



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We remember this cache very well, because back in April of 2003 we found this cache, and rescued a TB launched from Germany named "Kapt'n Blaubar". We exchanged a bunch of fun emails with the German owner, who said "his TB would be able to go to all of the places he wanted to go, but never had the opportunity". He did question us, though, on what evil had transpired to this cache! I wish I still had his email (he was quite perplexed) as it was very sweet.


Unfortunately we have the Kapt'n on our watchlist and he's showing as being stuck with one geocacher for nearly a year. We've emailed them a couple of times, and have received no response. Maybe Kapt'n Blaubar's journey has come to an end. ;)



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