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What is the problem here?


Red and I cache together as much as possible. But when I work several hundred miles from home for weeks or years at a time, coming home on weekends most of the time, I don't wait for her to show up and help me. I stay in a travel trailer when away from home. And the more I am in it, the smaller it gets. I gotta get out.


Caching is one of the ways we get some free time from the household chores, kids, grandkids, phones - we do not have a cell phone and do not plan on having any - so we take off at daylight, hit some caches, grab a Sub or burger or something and find a quite spot to eat and chat.


Red does not hunt caches by herself but she runs a mean map reading course. She has also learned GSAK, downloading PQ's, uploading and downloading waypoints to the gpsr and maps, etc. I.E., she is the navigator on the road.


But, and I stress BUT, If your planning on a life together as a couple, then you will have to make the choice between what is your own "space" and your joint ventures.


There has to be some sort of middle ground you can come up with. Save certain types of caches she does not like to do for your own trips. The rest are a together thing.


Gotta run, more forums to read.


Logscaler and Red.

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