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While I was going through my stats to log my finds to ngs I listed to old bm's I'd found from the 1800's. Some are pretty interesting. All but 2 were first finds. Four are states oldest The list,

MZ1504 Hawes Hill 1832 4-6-04

MZ1702 Mt. Ester 1832 1-4-05

MY2666 Gumpus 1834 7-13-04

MY3617 Beaconpole Borden 1834 3-27-05

MZ1913 Jilson borden 1833 3-31-05

MZ1700 High Ridge 1837 1-4-05

MZ2040 Iron Bolt 1862 8-24-04

MY3836 Mason Barrett 1871 7-10-04

MY3840 Barrett Mt 1871 1871 7-10-04

MZ1868 Battlecock 1885 4-11-04

MZ1646 Mt Warner 1885 11-18-03

MZ1847 North Warner 1885 11-18-03

MY3686 Waterbug 1887 4-4-04

MZ1557 Peaked Mt2 1898 3-11-03

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My list is no ware near as impresive. Your are to be congredulated on your finds. I have only found one in the 1800's. JD2552 BELSHE 1879 In Cole County Missouri. Found 2-15-05. In a muddy cattle feed lot. I was wearing white tennis shoes. Enough said. (Sorry about the spelling)

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