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Mapopolis Ne Version Or Something Else

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My Mapopolis MapPack purchased version is ND, and they expire in May. The new NE version is out.


I can buy the NE version and get updated maps for $100, or I can keep using ND version maps and spend no money and use that money to investigate other options like Memory-Map, which seems ideal for topo maps.


Any feedback on the NE version maps? What about Memory-Map - do people think all its features are worth the extra cost (it doesn't appear to do street-level directions.)


Thanks in advance,



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The NE version was JUST released. The ND version is fine, and I have the whole US - I don't have to renew to keep using the maps - however, I will need to D/L all the ones I expect to use. My European maps don't expire until a few months later, but I do travel a bit, which is why I bought the whole US.


The new maps will have updated restaurants, ATMs, etc.


I guess I could buy the new version of just my most used local maps to see if they are better.


I was just wondering if anyone here upgraded to the NE maps and felt they had improved enough.


I could always upgrade to the latest maps at any time in the future, so there's not really any deadline - except I will need to D/L the ND maps before my subscription expires in 45 days.

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Try here. It's the Mapopolis forum on GPSPassion, and you should get the answers you're looking for. Mapopolis support is there, along with lots of Mapopolis users, including a number who are definitely not Mapopolis shills, and have no qualms about saying what they think. Some of them are just ignorant, but many are knowledgeable.

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