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Foretrex 101 & Lithium Batteries

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I just bought a Garmin Foretrex 101 strictly because of the weight. (2.7 oz.) I will be using it for backpacking. I am putting Energizer lithiums in it for the same reason...They are lighter weight than alkalines and way more cold tolerant. ( I am even removing the wrist strap on the Foretrex to save a bit more weight :blink: ) My question is: Has anyone else put lithiums in a Foretrex 101 and did a run-time test?

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Don't tell me you cut part of the handle off of your toothbrush as well. :blink: Actually, the older I get, the more I watch the weight on my gear. I've got to make up for the extra pounds around the mid section some way.


As for the Lithiums, I haven't tried the new AAA's yet, but expect they'd perform similarly to the AA's. In comparing the AA's the lithiums have about the same capacity as alkalines for slow drain devices at normal room type temperature, and considerably greater capacity as temperatures go down, or the dishcharge rate goes up. In my GPS units (Garmin eTrex's), I only normally get an hour or two extra run time using lithiums if I'm not using the backlight, but the lithiums give me more than double what I'd get with alkalines when I'm using the backlight a lot. Hope that made sense...........

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Don't tell me you cut part of the handle off of your toothbrush as well.

Absolutely I do! And toothpowder instead of toothpaste! Under a 20lb pack! I chose the lithiums stricktly because of the weight factor first and the cold temperature performance second. Then I got wondering about the run-time performance as an after-thought. They are nothing short of awesome in high-drain devices, but this Foretrex 101 isn't hardly a high-drain device.

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