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City Select From Garmin Gps18 Work With Gpsmap60c?

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The GPS18 is a GPS sensor. It receives GPS signals and processes them into raw GPS data, but it has no output device. You'd need to connect it to a PDA, a laptop computer or some other device that's capable of doing something with that data.


With that being said, that sounds like a good deal if you get both CSNA AND the GPS18!


The answer to your question is YES.


GPS18 with City Select at Wally World

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I bought a GPS 18 some time back and yes you can use City Select with your 60CS, I do. One of the main reasons I bought the GPS 18 was to get the software to download maps & autorouting for my 60CS. The GPS 18 also works great for navigating on the road when hooked up to my laptop. The GPS 18 also comes with N route which is what is used for autorouting on the laptop and even gives voice commands for directions.

Even if you never use the GPS 18 for anything $112 is a great price for the software alone.

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Yes, the pricing of the GPS-18 bundle with CitySelect seems a little odd since it's almost exactly the same as CitySelect by itself. In Europe it's even considerably cheaper to get the bundle than CitySelect-Europe individually. I presume the pricing was a result of Garmin wanting to effectively compete against products like DeLorme's StreetAtlas/Earthmate bundle and equivalent systems in Europe.


AFAIK, the only drawback of the bundle is that one of the unlock codes is presumably already tied to the serial number of the GPS-18, so you only have one remaining unlock for other receivers, like a 60c. But getting the GPS-18 essentially free with your purchase of CitySelect does make it a very good deal.

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:huh: Well... I ordered it, it was too good of a deal to pass up. I am setting up my Mac Powerbook running with Virtual PC and Win 2k to see if I can use the GPS18 with it. I found the Mac thread, haven't read it all, so I am not sure if it will work. VPC7 is supposed to help with the USB problems.


Anyway, thanks again for the feedback all -


Jason and team

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