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Before you wonder to yourself "Where do I find all the information I need about geocaching and trackable items?" you can start with the Groundspeak Knowledge Book. If you can't find what you are looking for there, and have questions, try these forums. Use the search feature, because chances are, your question has been asked and answered many times. Don't be afraid to ask. We are a very helpful community here.


A note to geocachers:

Travel bugs and trackable geocoins are not a trade item, you do not have to put something in the cache to take a Trackable item, and you should not take something from a cache in trade for a Trackable item. If you should take something from a cache, you should make a trade, and you can place the Trackable item.


Now, on to how to log these trackable items:


Take a look at the tag attached to the Travel Bug or coin. You'll see some numbers stamped on it. This is the tracking number and can be used to log that you found the bug. If it is a number from a coin, it must be a trackable at geocaching.com coin to be able to log it. Make sure you write it down because you won't be able to get it later without emailing the owner, and sometimes they may not respond. Also, keep this number secret from other cachers (unless they also find the bug) because it can be used to move the bug around (and maybe to the Travel Bug Graveyard!). Don't post pictures showing the tracking number in your logs or in the forums.


Click on the TB link for that TB on the side of the cache page (short version) OR go to this page (long version, if you do not know the name of the bug but have the TB tracking number):




and in the upper right of the page is a box for you to enter the tracking

number. Click 'search' and you'll be taken to the TB's personal page. Make sure you are logged into your account at this point. Click the 'add a log entry' link in the upper right. Select the type of log from the drop-down menu and enter the tracking number in the field below. Enter some comments in the box on whatever subject you like and click 'submit log entry' at the bottom.

The options you will see to log are:

1. Retrieve it from "Cache name"

This is used to pull the TB from the cache you found it in.

2. Grab it from somewhere else

This is used when you've found a TB in a cache but it's listed as being in another cache.

3. Write note

This is used when you want to post a note to the TB page, but are not moving it. You do not need the tracking number to just post a note.

4. Discovered it

This is used when you are logging, but not moving, a TB that you see at an event, or one that someone uses as a personal TB and is not passing it off to you. Also used for logging a TB that you find in a cache, but cannot take or help it on its way, and you wish to log it. This also helps the cache owner, TB owner, and future finders know the bug is alive and well and still in the cache.


If you return to the TBs page you'll see your log listed and the bug will

be in your possession.


To drop a bug in a cache, navigate to the cache page and log your find. This time there will be a box below the description field that lists bugs in your online inventory. Highlight the bug you wish to drop (if there are more than one you can hold the ctrl key down while clicking to highlight two or more). When you submit your log the TB will be removed from your inventory and show as being in the cache on the cache page. You can then go to the TB page and leave a note if you wish.


The World Release Register is found here. Some people will start your Trackable overseas for you. You can also join the register to start them for other geocachers. The Trackable is mailed to the other geocacher, to place in a local cache in their country/state/province, etc...


(This information is taken from the Groundspeak knowledge base)


Notes about logging TB's:


You can take a TB from cache to cache and log it in and out on the way. Keep your logs straight, take notes.


You can revisit a cache as often as you like to help a TB on the way.


You cannot attach anything to a TB without getting the owner's permission first, this includes a ziplock baggie and a laminated card or sheet.


You cannot mail a TB without asking the owner first.


You can take a TB from your own cache.


And, as stated above, a TB is not a trade item, you do not have to put something in the cache to take a TB, and you should not take something from a cache in trade for a TB. if you should take something from a cache, place the TB and a trade item.


Mileage not updating? Click the recalculate button on the TB page if you are the owner.


Problems with the system? Send an email to contact@Groundspeak.com with the problem in the subject line, and a detailed explanation, and a link to the TB page in the text.


Don't assume everyone knows how to log TB's, so don't assume your bug has been stolen. TB's can come back from missing over a year later. It's happened. (Theft also happens, but don't assume that every time)


Travel bug not moving? 2 weeks is about normal in a busy area. 3 months is normal too in some areas. Check the cache rating and activity. One month is long enough to send a friendly email asking for an update on your TB.


TB Hotels: A 1:1 rule is a cache rule on some caches, not a TB rule. Don't let TB's linger too long just because someone wants their cache stocked with other people's TB's. The TB's do not belong to the cache owner. (Send them a link to this thread if they complain)


Oops, wrong date. Not a problem, you can change the date when you click on edit this log.


Blue Deuce's instructions on how to correct a TB history when mislogged:

this is when the bug is sitting in a cache.


1. Retrieve the bug from the current cache.

2. On the orig/previous cache, log a note POST DATED and drop the bug. ( you can just say "logging bug")

3. Retrieve the bug from that cache POST DATED.

4. Post a note on the current cache and drop the bug.

5. On the current cache logs delete the note that says you dropped the bug

6. On the Bug Page, delete both the logs showing that you retrieved and dropped the bug in the current cache. This will leave it in the cache and show the last cacher was the one to drop it.

(Or contact the current holder and ask them do a back drop.)


If a bug is not in a cache and someone says it's missing, the owner or the holder can mark it missing, so can I (Eartha at geocachingadmin dot com). If it's found it can be reinstated by logging it. Marking it missing is done using the drop down menu on the right side of the TB page, where it says "recalculate mileage" The option below that one is "mark bug missing" It can be done by the cache owner, the TB/coin owner, or a reviewer, or send an email to Eartha at the address mentioned here.


Retiring a TB. You cannot really retire a TB, because if you delete the logs to re-use it, you wipe out everyone's finds and the history of the bug. You can however give it a new mission and send ti back out.


Keeping a TB, such a yellow, white or green Jeep. DON'T. NO. YOU CAN'T. That puts a person in the category of 'poor sport'.



If you log a bogus virtual log on a TB, or offer your own TB up for virtual logging you will risk having that TB page locked forever. This means, if you never saw a bug, but got the bug number and you log it, that bug is in risk of being taken out of the game. Don't do this to TB owners who inadvertently might post a photo, or someone else posts a photo, of their TB number. Don't log it virtually. It's considered abuse of the system. And it's not fair play.


This thread is informational only and is not meant to be replied to, therefore it is locked

Updated 03/28/10

Edited by Eartha
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