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How To Get Another Person To Release A Tb?

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What steps do I take to get another person to release a TB for me?


I want to mail a TB to a person in New Zealand and have them place it in a cache for me. (I'm in Canada). I want the TB to start in NZ and not have the miles from Canada to NZ in the log.


The way I think I need to do it is:


1. I register the TB and set goal etc

2. I say it's being released in NZ

3. When the person places it into a cache I have to add a note to the cache which adds the TB to the cache


Or is there another or better way? i.e can I pass the TB (once registered) into the inventory of another person?



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My understanding is that you register the TB and give it a goal, description, etc. As long as it is in your possession it doesn't have a start point. Then you just mail it to your friend in NZ. When they get it they can put it in the cache. Then they (or you) go to the web site, "grab" it from you and then record dropping it into the cache. Until it is in a cache for the first time it doesn't have a start point. So, NZ would be the effective start point.

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Register the bug.


Then you can go to the regional forums for New Zealand (click here) and start a thread asking if anyone could release it for you, then you can mail it to them.




You can check the cache logs in New Zealand for active cachers in the are you want to release it, and e-mail one or two through their profile page, to ask if they would be interested.


You post a note to the cache page that they will leave it in, saying something to the effect of "Starting my bug on its journey (or what have you)" and the cacher in New Zealand makes the drop log, and puts the bug "in the cache" online and physicallly.

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