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Automatically Process Inbound Pocket Queries


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I’ve just posted an article explaining a setup that automatically processes Pocket Queries as they arrive in my mailbox. I’m using MS Outlook’s inbox rules and a few other tools to extract the GPX from the ZIP file, rename the GPX to match the PQ, stage it for automatic synchronization to my Pocket PC (for paperless caching), import it into a GSAK database, and export from GSAK a few filtered subsets (also staged for synchronization with my PPC).


GSAK version 6 is expected to have POP3 email support. But this setup extends beyond GSAK, is available today, or can be used independently of GSAK. The setup requires editing batch files, so it does require some basic computer skills. If you fit this audience, you may enjoy the article “Automating Inbound Pocket Queries” at http://www.craiggiven.com/gc_auto.htm

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GSAK version 6 is expected to have POP3 email support.

In the famous words of Radar O'Reilly, "Wait for it."


5.2 will be here before you know it. POP3 and Gmail support is awesome.


Edit: No disrespect to the OP. I haven't tried Xanxa's link, so please feel free to check it out.

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Xangxa's process undoubtedly works well for him, though only small parts of it are probably transferrable to someone without that specific hardware combination.


I can't help but think of all the work that went into it. There's a sort of natural evolution of processes for things like this; a variety of file formats and hardware are available, someone tries to put them together and ends up coding a little utility to automate some of it, someone else uses that utility in their own program that does something else, yet another person ends up writing a "kitchen sink" solution that incorporates everything that came before and then some, and eventually Microsoft comes along and buys it all and incorporates it into Windows. The process ends up driving itself when you think about it.


That's my Meta-Code Thought of the Day, free to everyone.

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