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Micro Angst

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You guys can say what you want to and bash micro's all day but when its all said and done at the end of the day, it's all about the hunt.  It's not what cool toy I found or how far this TB's been.  Its that feeling I get when I find the cache.  Big or small.  The smaller they are the more challenging it is.  Most of the ammo cans I have found, you can see a big pile of leaves and sticks from 50 feet away.  That takes some of the fun out of the hunt.  I am an avid deer hunter and if I killed a deer everytime I went into the woods, I would get bored with it pretty fast.  IT'S ALL ABOUT THE HUNT.  Lets enjoy all cache's and try not to bash micro's.


Just my 2 cents..

It is all about the hunt. Last night I looked for and found a micro in a canyon after dark. It was a .2 mile walk/hike/crawl/slog and it was just about the most excitement I've had since I started this game/hobby.


I was VERY glad the hiding place in the dark amidst all the tangled vegetation was obvious when I got near the spot so I could log a find . . . if I had gone through all of that for a DNF, it would have been an adventure, but not quite as much fun. :huh:

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