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Garmin Files To Tab Delimited File ???

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Hi to all.....I am new to this conversion thing and need some advice.


I have the need to convert Garmin e-trex files to a tab-delimited text file with the following information:


Waypoint Stop 001 N50.68031 W001.06877


"Waypoint" means that this line describes a waypoint.

"Stop 001" is the Name of the waypoint

"N50.68031" is the Latitude of the waypoint, in decimal degrees.

"W001.06877" is the Longitude of the waypoint, in decimal degrees.


Each field is separated from the next by a Tab character.


I have figured out how to convert most of the data so it will work but it is a 4 - 5 step process. I currently use EASY GPS to convert the Garmin data to a .gpx file. Then I use




to convert the gpx file to tab-delimited file. I then edit the file in excel and/or note pad so I can use it in the program that loads it into my new Humminbird fishfinder/gps combo.


I would also like to go from tab delimited to Garmin if possible.


Anyone know of a way to do this with one piece of software (free or shareware would be nice)


I am very new to using any of this software so will have many more questions I am sure.





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Thanks Stan for your post .....in both places :D


I went and got GPSBABEL and just can't seem to figure it out. I tried for two nights and, to be honest with you, I can't get past the terminology. If someone could walk me through it that would really be helpful.......




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Try using the included GUI, or else GPSBabelWrapper. Read Babelopts.txt for the command-line terminology. GPSBabel has so many options that it can be intimidating for those who only know how to use a Windows GUI interface. For those who used DOS back in the old days it isn't a big deal.


Email me if you can't get one of the GUI interfaces to do it for you, and I'll try to talk you through it. It ain't rocket science. :D

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If you have all your waypoints in Mapsource you can "export" them from the "File" pull-down menu. It creates a tab-delimited text document which you can open in Microsoft Excel and then delete any unwanted columns.


Cheers, Olar

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