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Mapsource City Select V6


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Help, I can't get it to load onto my laptop. I already have Topo 24k West and WayPoint Manager loaded, but when I try to load City Select it goes through a viscous cycle: Setup Cd>Disk 1>Setup Cd>Disk 1......I tried deleting all temp files and now I am copying all files to a folder and try and load from there. Has anyone run into this? Any suggestions? Contacted Garmin, but we all know how slow tech support can be and I couldn't find anything related to this, on their website.


Thanks in advance, dm

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City Select v.6 loads 1.2GB, yes GB, of mapping on your hard drive. Any chance your machine can't handle this? And if I remember correctly, when I loaded CS6 it did ask me to load Disk1, then Setup Disk, then either Disk1 again or Disk2. It was lengthly process but eventually got it.

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Thanks to all concerned. I finally got it and it was a case of impatience on my part, but I still don't understand it and have never ran into this before. Here it is...I first put the 'install disk' in and it went through the cycle as described in the original post (install disk>disk one>asking for install disk again). By accident I just let it sit there, while writing the previous post and it started installing 'disk one' in spite of the screen prompting to put the 'install disk' back in. Who knows?



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