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I read about this software in mekshat.com. It does many things for many people. What attracted my attention is the ease with which you can calibrate image maps, among other things. The user who posted the topic used a satellite image, downloadable from here:




He then used two points to calibrate the map. You can do lots of things once you read in waypoints and tracks into the program.


I read few caches into the calibrated map to see where they fit on the terrain. Here is what I got:







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if you use ozi, you dont have to calibrate the sattelite images (mrSid format) they are imported calibrated. some software accept 2 points calibration, but all depends what accuracy you looking for. I will not feel comfortable with 2 points calibrated map.


you also can use mapmerge to produce smaller or larger maps for ozi explorer.


ozi is the king of off-road. It has so many utilities that will make any task tedius.

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