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  1. Did any one notice that the large pointer displayed when navigating to a waypoint is unstable, and misleading. Or I am missing something.
  2. if you use ozi, you dont have to calibrate the sattelite images (mrSid format) they are imported calibrated. some software accept 2 points calibration, but all depends what accuracy you looking for. I will not feel comfortable with 2 points calibrated map. you also can use mapmerge to produce smaller or larger maps for ozi explorer. ozi is the king of off-road. It has so many utilities that will make any task tedius.
  3. Greymane Do you have the profissional memory map edition? Are you saying that you can open Mr Sid from memory map? Is there a forum dedicated to memory map as the case with ozi. May be I am missing something.
  4. I have both, oziexplorer, ozice and memory map. Ozi explorer is a giant by all standards, in my opinion it has no fear of threat from any other product. Memory map for pocket pc is unmached for simplicity and power. I down load Mr Sid tiles for free, the hight data for free and enjoy the three d of any location. I redude the map size using mapmerge to customize the size of the map out of the huge Mr Sid tiles, and producing ozfx3 file format that can be viewed on the latest version(development version) of ozi ce. Being not in north America this is the optimal solution. Memory map does not even have maps for the midle east, but I can convert ozi calibrated maps to memory map using a utility shareware . Memory map is my preferable product for pocket pc and I talk to the developer for the wish list that me and others have.
  5. One more thing ozi mapmerge will produce file extension of ozfx3 which will run on oziexplorer and only on the latest development version of ozice (1.11.6d) if you have an earlier version of ozi ce it will not understand the ozfx3 file format. I find this approach the most powerfull and most accurate approach for off road navigation for countries other than the USA, And Canada
  6. PDOP's, Poindexter I found a utility that called ozimapmerge that can merge as well as break maps into smaller pieces. The produced maps are born calibrated. This is exactly what I was looking for. If you use ceozi this will be an ideal tool. Many thanks
  7. I disabled a font page and it is working perfect. Many thanks
  8. In this picture please see where it says (Sat Fix : no) The strange thing that the NMEA input is showing my position in the scrolling data recived from the GPS It got to be something simple that I am missing Many thanks
  9. yes You can even view the sattelites in blue ( I think they will turn green if a fix is established). It is odd because every pocket pc program has worked without any problem except ozi ce. I will try to get a screen capture Many thanks
  10. hi The communication is established with the BT reciver and NMEA data is recived in the pocket pc but for some reason there is a read out in a status bar saying no fix, 0 speed and zeros for the position. With the lab top ozi explorer connects just fine with the same BT recivers. Any help is appreciated. Best regards
  11. Many thanks while I was despirate for a method, I found one within ozi explorer, you select track points and save them as points, clear the screen from objects and load the saved points as way points. Poindexter very usefull utilities in the link you posted
  12. mhfares after you directed me to mekshat, I became adicted to that site. I am amazed by the wealth of POI there. Thanks
  13. I did not log for a while With MrSid file format and ozi explorer you can see amazing 3d maps of mountains and plan your 4 wheel with reasonable expectation. It will be cewl if I can get the military files. All what we have today was forbiden not too long ago, if things move along, one day we will have them public.
  14. Can you convert a track into route using ozi explorer, or at least a track point into way point. Many thanks
  15. Thanks for the help, thanks for the link. I concluded that ozi is not capable of exporting portions of MrSid files. I guess that the solution is to down load smaller Mr sid tiles, I need to search the nasa landsat site for that possibility. Poindexter, I was trying to avoid the calibration process all together because the coordinates read by MrSid is deadly accurate, and when I do the calibration my self the gps position drift slightly no matter how many points I use for the calibration. Many thanks
  16. I want to produce small calibrated images from 500mb file of the .sid format using ozi explorer. What I am doing now is capturing the screen, loading the image as a non calibrated map, then calibrate it by running 2 instances of ozi, one to read featured points coordinates and the second to calibrate the map. It is tortures to do this way, am I missing something. thanks
  17. I am just thinking would ozi explorer or memory map do that?
  18. what you saying makes sense to me otherwise you will find yourself rating the terrain rather than the cach aspects.
  19. What do you mean by signature items? can you clarify. Thanks
  20. Thanks mhfares This mekshat.com is an excellent site with plenty of POI, maps, and technical information. They don't geocache though. Omar
  21. Actually I have plenty of image maps, but I am looking for topographical map which I can see as a 3d view. The gtopo30 has about one sqaure kilo meter accuracy. I have seen topographical maps for US cities which are impressive and good enough for hiking, and trailing. I was woundering if such maps exist for Saudi Arabia. I did not know about this mekshat.com, I will go straight there. Thanks
  22. I already down loaded the tile for Saudi Arabia of the gtopo30. any one knows where to get something better than gtopo30 for Saudi Arabia? I mean gtopo30 is 30 arcsecond. I am looking for more details. Many thanks
  23. Any one interrested in Geocaching in Yanbu?
  24. Did you try the the "import" menu item from the "gps" menu. I never tried that though. good luck
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