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I'm hoping to find a helpful Welsh cacher among the readers of this forum. My cache name is Team Madog. I'm trying to find the Welsh word for Team. I understand from looking on the internet that nouns have a gender. Since I'm male, I'm assuming that I need to use the masculine version of the noun. I found one dictionary that provided Ti+m or timau as translations. I'm not sure what the i+ is suppose to represent. So if anyone out there can help, what is the welsh word for Team. Another word, I am considering using is Clan, so help in translating this word would also be appreciated. Is it Llwyth, and if so is the gender correct for the masculine version? Thanks in advance for any help.

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I'll come out of lurkdom to try to answer this, although I'm a Welsh learner, not a native.


Welsh for team would be tim, but with the dot over the i replaced with a ^. There may be a way of fiddling with the fonts to write this properly, but I don't know how! Hope you understand what I mean. The ^ makes the wovel long, so the word sounds just like the English "team", not like the name Tim.

Timau is the plural.


Llwyth or clan can both be used in Welsh, as far as I know.


The nouns have a gender of their own, so whether you are male or female makes no difference. These ones (tim, llwyth and clan) are all masculine.


Hope this makes sence? If a native speaker turns up, they might have other views!

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