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How To Send Tb To A Graveyard?

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How can I move my travel bug to the graveyard or just deactivate it? It has been in the hands of someone for almost a year and there is no reply to emails sent.



Assuing you don't want to re-release it using the copy tag as BlueDuece suggested, I would look at grabbing it back from the holder and then logging a note for the graveyard, placing the TB that way. Not 100% sure if that would work but.



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Graveyards were before the option to mark it missing was implemented. This is the best thing to do, in case it becomes active again. You can't always believe that the last person to log it was the last person to have it. Sometimes they were actually dropped off, they didn't know how to log it, and out of the blue it will appear in another cache/state entirely. It's happened before. If you mark it missing, you can always take it back, if it becomes active again. Or you can use your copy tag, rewrite the cache page to reflect a new mission, make a note on the bug page to mark the spot it became a new bug, and KEEP the old logs! Don't delete the history, you'll delete someone's stats. The previous finders found it, and moved it, and deserve to keep their logs.

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