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Need source(s) for GPSr new user info

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Going by the addage that the only stupid questions are the ones you fail to ask...Is there a website, preferably with a forum where a relatively new user can ask procedural or technical questions about using my GPSr?


I have a really nice Magellan Sportrac Pro which replaces my old Magellan 2000. I am anxious to partake of this sport. Thanks

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You should be able to post any questions you might have in the "GPS Units and Software" forum here in the Groundspeak forums under "Geocaching Related Topics".


GPS Units and Software

Any and all discussions about GPS units. Here you can talk GPS, GPS Units, and those miraculous satellites that give our game life.


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Another source for some basic stuff I was (and am) looking for is "The Markwell" FAQ list, also used when someone is "being markwelled" a term I had often seen but could not figure out.


So I googled it, and now know why my M$ $treets & Trips 2k+3 won't take a coordinate from this website.


Sometimes you have to get a database big enough to phrase your questions before you know what to ask. This one helped me quite a bit. Still only 2 caches, but what the heck, I ain't tired.


I was yesterday though, boy.


They say this universe is bound to blow,

I say we crank up the Calypso Control!

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Originally posted by The Falcon:

Marwell says we'll run out of GC codes by June 2003. So what's the word?


Looks like the FAQ was last updated in April; sometime around then, a new numbering system was instituted, so we're good to go for... I forget how long, but I think it was a Really Long Time. I'm sure someone can Markwell you on the matter icon_smile.gif

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