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  1. quote:Originally posted by Elias:This is by design. The forums will log you out after some period of inactivity (somewhere on the order of 20-40 minutes). After that, you'll have to log in again. But the login process should just be clicking on the login link once. You shouldn't have to re-enter your login credentials. Elias Yup. I do have to re-enter my credentials. It sort of defeats the whole cookie log-in thing because when I have to log in again to get to the forums, it invalidates my other cookie on my browser at home.
  2. I had my browser closed for ~40 minutes and had to log in again to check this thread. What's up? I even deleted my browser cache and cookies before I logged in the last time. Apparently that didn't work.
  3. The recent changes to the cookies seem to have caused other problems. (For me anyway) I stay logged in to gc.com with no problem but I don't stay logged in to the forums. So I have to log into the forum, which forces me to re-log in to gc.com which de-activates the cookies on my other browsers (home&mobile). So in effect I'm right back where I started. I have to log in every time. Details... I logged in this morning, checked my cache page and my TBs, looked at the fourms, closed my browser and went back to work. Later this afternoon, on the same PC with the same browser I was still logged in to www.geocaching.com but I wasn't logged in to ubbx.Groundspeak.com. So I had to re-log in again.
  4. The "Geocaching.com Discussion" forum is frequently unavailable. Is anyone else noticing this? I can get into any of the other forums except this one. Obviously it's working right now but it wasn't just a few minutes ago.
  5. It think it's fine. I've been planning on getting some scratchers myself for caching. Maybe even some real tickets. I think they'd be especially good for micros and other small caches. The only possible problem is that if anyone wins any real money from one of my tickets, I don't want to know about it.
  6. Difficulty / Terrain D = How hard it it to find the cache once you get close. T = How hard is it to get to the cache.
  7. quote:Originally posted by Team X40:He had yellow eyes, so help me God, yellow eyes! Fra- gee- lay - it must be Italian!". A Christmas Story quote:Originally posted by Despot&Smitten:Here's my Fave: "What's that watermelon doing here?" "I'll tell ya later." Buckaroo Banzi quote:Originally posted by Chris&Cindy:"Somebody go back and get a ---- load of dimes." Blazing Saddles
  8. I've read in some other posts about creating a custom shortcut to automatically log you in. How is that done? EDIT: Nevermind. I found it in a search. http://www.geocaching.com/login/default.aspx?username=username&password=XXXXXXX [This message was edited by Chuck & Kris on July 18, 2003 at 03:45 PM.]
  9. I think it's a bug in the programming. It doesn't look like it's being done intentionally. I checked on the cookies and they are being accepted properly. The cookie doesn't expire until next year so I don't see why it doesn't auto log you in anymore. I'd just give 'em some more time. They'll fix it eventually.
  10. That sounds like a multi cache to me. If you have to jump through hoops or find other items in order to find actual cache, to me that's a multi.
  11. If the cache isn't actually at the coordinates listed on the cache page, then it should be listed as a Multi Cache. I have seen a multi incorrectly listed as a traditional once, but if they aren't going to correctly list their cache, they probably won't use the suggested flag anyway.
  12. Wow. Major improvement in speed. Of course it could be just that nobody is using it right now since it's been offline for a while. I guess we'll see tonight. After work on a Friday should be peak usage time. All links and images apear good. Good Work J
  13. Details of my Set-Up: AT&T Wireless Nokia 6310i (GSM/GPRS) Palm M515 with Palm SDIO Bluetooth card Using "EudoraWeb" browser The Palm will make the data connection with the Nokia via IR also but Bluetooth is easier since it doesn't require pointing them at each other. The EudoraWeb browser works well enough on Geocaching.com but it doesn't look very pretty. I'm able to look up caches and actually log a cache in the field. I tried the Avantgo browser first but it doesn't work on geocaching.com at all. Can anyone suggest a better browser? The eudoraweb browser is a bit limiting when it comes to other sites. There's no way to load graphics at all and it truncates long pages with no way to load the remainder. I posted a suggestion in another thread to actually make the site WAP accessible. Then anyone with a web enabled phone could access the site in the field.
  14. Testing... Text Text Blue Text Brown Text Small Text Large Text It appears the UBB codes for Font control don't work. Are they disabled or just unsupported on this version? http://www.infocostarica.com/ubb/ubbcode.html EDIT: It appears I can't delete test postings. Oh well.
  15. What if all the control segment equipment was operational but no people at the controls? All the computers and the uplink still running, just no manual input. I imagine most of the data and corrections sent from the control station are automated. [This message was edited by Chuck & Kris on July 17, 2003 at 10:54 AM.]
  16. I would like to see a WAP version of the site if possible. Or at least alternate versions of certain pages optimized for wireless PDA or mobile phone access. At a minimum, a version of "Seek a cache", nearest.aspx and cache_details.aspx that are bandwidth and small screen optimized (minimal pictures, no side menus, smaller icons etc...) That would make it easier for those of us with wireless internet access on our PDA or mobile phone to look up caches while we're out cache hunting. It would also be nice to log our finds in real time at the cache. It could also potentially cut down on the site bandwidth since there would be a few less people downloading normal pages for offline use. But I suppose it could also increase server load from database lookups and increased users online. F.Y.I. If anyone is interested in using wireless access now. It works for me now on my Palm via GPRS but the pages are difficult to navigate since they don't translate well to the small screen size. They're also much bigger than they need to be which uses up precious bandwidth. The "Seek" page for example comes in at 27747 bytes without graphics. There's alot of superfluous data there including the menu and ads on the left and the "Hide a cache" panel on the right. Details of my Set-Up: AT&T Wireless Nokia 6310i (GSM/GPRS) Palm M515 with Palm SDIO Bluetooth card Using "EudoraWeb" browser The Palm will make the GPRS connection with the Nokia via IR also but Bluetooth is easier since it doesn't require pointing them at each other. Can anyone suggest a better browser? The Avantgo browser didn't work for me, nor does the WAP browser in the Phone. [This message was edited by Chuck & Kris on July 16, 2003 at 08:51 PM.]
  17. Just to add to the list of hardware that may be using this software. I have a Palm M515 + Magellan GPS Companion for M500 + 128MB SD card. This is the low(standard) rez color screen with 16MB and Palm OS Version 4.1 F.Y.I. All other third party "NMEA-compliant" software I've seen so far does not utilize (or at least doesn't show) the WAAS capability for my GPS companion. If your software could utilize WAAS when applicable that would be a plus.
  18. No further comments on this yet? This is good news. Does anyone know if they have turned off the "Do Not Use" flag? My ETrex uses WAAS anyway but I think some Magellan units were ignoring WAAS as long as the "Do Not Use" flag was on.
  19. You are required to pack out your waste in a lot of national parks. My own experience was in the Mt. Shasta Wilderness area while climbing the mountain a few years ago. The reasons are, 3. The eco system on the mountain is very fragile. 2. On most of the mountain it's below freezing most of the year so if you leave anything, it'll be there a long time. 1. Most people are not not knowledgeable in the etiquette of going outdoors, so inevitably some slob will leave his doings where other climbers will encounter it. They give you packages to carry with you and a bin to put them in when you get back. The package is a paper bag inside a large zip lock bag. In the paper bag is a measure of cat litter and a large paper "Target" The idea is to hit the bulls eye, pour on the cat litter, fold up the corners of the paper target and put that inside the paper bag and put the paper bag in the zip lock bag. It's a good system and it's not so hard to do. Just as easy as digging a hole. The difficult part is finding a safe place in your pack to keep the bag during the climb down.
  20. Good point Fuzzy. I lost all my data when I switched versions. If you are able to preserve your data, let me know how you did it. I thought I had the data backed up, but I guess not. B.T.W. I have no Companion_*.PDB file(s) in my backup folder. Let us know if it works. From what I could see, there's no cosmetic differences except on the status screen and no apparent functional differences except for WAAS. (and the larger file size) [This message was edited by Chuck & Kris on July 01, 2003 at 03:36 PM.]
  21. F.Y.I. I downloaded the Nav Comp software from the links Fuzzy posted above. I got three different files. One that Fuzzy posted (for the Palm V I guess) And from the Magellan web site I got the software for the "GPS Companion Visor" and for the "GPS Companion m500 for Europe" All three appear to be exactly the same. The Navcomp.prc file in each archive is exactly the same size. (170KB) So it appears that the Nav Comp software is the same and interchangeable for each of these devices. Good news for markwarrick. However I discovered some other interesting things. First, I was confused since Fuzzy stated above that the latest version of the Nav Comp software was 2.10, but I'm running Version 3.20(245KB) on my Palm M515 Also, I wanted to see if the software was compatible with mine. So I installed Fuzzy's navcomp.prc file on my Palm M515 and guess what? It works fine with my GPS companion for Palm M500. So now it appears that ALL versions of NavComp are interchangeable. So why do I have a much higher version number than what's available for the other units? I believe the answer may have to do with WAAS capability. The status screen in version 2.10 has no WAAS indicators and shows only 12 signal strength indicators. Version 3.20 shows the WAAS satellites on the overhead view and has 14 signal strength indicators. This would seem to make sense because the GPS Companion for the Palm V and Visor are apparently not WAAS capable. It's a bit confusing though because the product data for the "GPS Companion m500 for Europe" states that it IS WAAS and EGNOS capable. Anyone care to try version 3.20? http://www.hutchins1.net/downloads/GPS/NavComp.zip B.T.W. Thanks Stunod for the link to Cetus and GeoNiche. Cetus appears to have some abilities that NavComp doesn't, like position averaging. Neither appears to have WAAS capability though. [This message was edited by Chuck & Kris on July 01, 2003 at 03:17 PM.]
  22. I have a Magellan GPS Companion for the Palm M500. Two pieces of software came with it. The Rand McNally StreetFinder Deluxe and the Magellan "Nav Companion" program. The Nav Companion program is a small single file Palm .prc file on a CD-ROM all by itself. This is the software that provides the basic GPS functions. Waypoints, track logs etc... I can send you the Nav Companion program I have. The zipped file including the help file is only 495KB. I would think there is a good chance it will work since Palm software is Palm software whether it's on a Palm or a Handspring. I'm assuming of course that the hardware is the same or similar enough, but if it doesn't work I guess there's no loss. EDIT: I just checked the Magellan web site to see if the Visor model was similar to the M500 version. IT'S NOT. The M500 model connects via the bottom USB connector. It looks like the Visor model plugs into the FlashCard slot at the top. So now I would say that it probably won't work. Hopefully there is someone else here with the Visor model that can send you their Nav Comp prc file or equivalent. [This message was edited by Chuck & Kris on June 30, 2003 at 10:45 PM.]
  23. hutchca

    3.10 for the vista?

    Mine came with 3.10 loaded. See the following thread for more info. http://ubbx.Groundspeak.com/6/ubb.x?a=tpc&s=5726007311&f=2016058331&m=59760576&r=97060676#97060676
  24. I bought mine two weeks ago. It came with 3.10. I upgraded to 3.20 which is the latest but it's just a minor bug fix. The upgrade from 3.10 to 3.20 did not wipe out any saved data, but upgrading from a version earlier than 3.10 could erase your data.
  25. My intention in photographing the cache is to give the owner an idea of the condition of the cache and it's contents, as well as to let previous visitors know what's still in the cache. As an example, on my last trip one cache had an item that was broken. Probably crushed by other items on top of it when the cache was closed. Often, the cache contents don't match what's in the logs either. So I guess my real question is. Does anybody really care what's left in the cache? Do you cache owners care to see how the cache is doing or do you check on it often enough that it doesn't matter? I am always careful to take the picture with no identifying objects in the field of view. Usually it's straight down so all you can see is the cache, it's contents and the ground. I have yet to encounter any special or camouflaged containers but based on this feedback I may take the contents out of the container from now on. Unless there is some damage to the container that the owner should know about. As far as spoilers are concerned, you can't stumble on a photo by accident you have to click on the link. I usually don't read the logs before I visit because it is stated very clearly that there may be spoilers.
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