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Louisiana Wildlife Managment Areas

Beast of Traal

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recently a representative came to our Hiking club meeting to discuse WMAs and Nonconsumptive use. the Department of Wildife and Fisheries is starting to recognise that not everbody uses WMA for Hunting and Fishing.

but If you go caching in a Wildlife Managment Area WMA you might want to keep these rules

in mind.


the Wild Life Magament areas are inteded for hunting and fishing but the do allow for Nononsuptive Use. NCU

If you enter a WMA you must check in and out. even if you not hunting or fishing.

failure to do so could result in fines as high as $400 depending on the Parish.

to Use a Wildlife Mangament Area You must Have a hunting or fishing licence.

you can get a special pass to use it without hunting or fishing for $5 or you can get a cane pole licence for $2. this will alow to to use all 50+ WMAs in La.

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A daily WMA permit is also needed, even for birdwatching, sightseeing, camping and such. Might want to check it out in the hunting or fishing pamplets or go to http://www.wlf.state.la.us/apps/netgear/in...=lawlf&pid=1053

Sorry I haven't mastered links yet. Sherburne is my stomping grounds, been hunting there since 1990, wanna do a team effort? There also is some pretty old benchmarks there too.


By the way Beast of Traal, your puzzle on B.O.B. was a booger for me, that is until my wife attacked it. We've come up with two possibilities, we'll try the most likely pretty soon. Thanks dude...David

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