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Software To Get Coordinates With Street Address

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http://www.travelgis.com/geocode/ will give you lat/long for an address in quite a few countries as well as many POI locations. It specifies an absurd precision level, but just ignore all the extra digits far to the right of the decimal point. It gives the data in decimal degree form so you'd have to change the GPS setting to DD.ddddd rather than the DD MM.mmm form used at geocaching.com.


BTW, I'm surprised that Indiana is seeing such an offset in the Terraserver photos. I frequently use USAPhotoMaps which downloads data from the Terraserver and it correctly shows me which part of the house my GPS is in. And on both walks around the neighborhood and hikes on local trails the tracklogs accurately place me on the sidewalk (rather than the adjacent street) and right on the footpath as seen in the aerial photos. I've come across some glitches in the data (the area of Half Dome in Yosemite is one), but overall the alignment accuracy has been quite impressive.

However I've seen that the color photos in some urban areas have a systematic offset.

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The one you will enjoy the most is Keyhole 2. You can get it at www.keyhole.com which offers a 7 day trial and if you like it you pay $29.95. I highly reccommend this to everyone who geocaches because you can get all the streets, aerial photos that you can drag around, etc. Also it will serve your purpose because if you hover your pointer over any point you can get the coordinates of it. The only downside is that it gives you corrdinates in decimal degrees or d.m.s. but NOT degrees minutes.minutes which we are all used to. This is easy to combat, just multiply by 60 or divide by 60 depending on which way you are converting.


Another very good program which does what you want specifically is Garmin MapSource, but now you're looking at spending ~$100.


There are websites that will do if for you but I like to see a map.

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The terraserver color images of the Houston, TX area are .1 mile off. The black and white photos are registered precisely. Doug Cox has a note in the USAPhotomaps help file about it, and has decided not to try to fix it, as it apparently varies by location and if Terraserver does fix the registration then USAPhotomaps would be broken. I know exactly how much to fudge the pictures to get it right, so I live with it.

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