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Introduction To Benchmark Hunting


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Is there anywhere a newbie can go to learn about benchmarks and searching for them? I've looked at the data sheets from the NGS and I'm clueless on how to read them. Is there a website? A book? A FAQ collection? An Idiot's guide to Benchmark Hunting? Or... do I just try to figure it out on my own and ask my questions here?




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For help with the NGS Datasheet in itself, try this page:




Once there, you will see a list of 21 optional datasheets that describe various different types of stations. Once you highlight a selection on the list and load the sample datasheet, you will see a datasheet that is similar to what you have been seeing, which many of the terms on the sample will be hyperlinks to definitions for those terms. You will see the hyperlinks from the different color used than the text, and though that is stating the obvious it is a clue to other things. There is in addition to words, a bracket ( [ ) along the left edge of the text on a part mid way down on some but not all pages which will lead to a definition about what this section on some Datasheets represent.


Once you understand how to use the datasheet, by deciphering the code it has, you will find them pretty simple to read and extremely straightforward. Click all the definitions and feel free to familiarize yourself. This is probably the most succinct way to present all the various information there is for a station, no matter how much of it you intend to use. It is a great page to revisit from time to time, as it will unlock the secrets of the datasheet.


Enjoy, Rob

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