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The Blue Quasar
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Congrats BQ and L&T !

I have been on one or two hikes with you and have laughed and had so much fun - the adventures to the cache are sometimes equal if not more fun than the cache itself. I look forward to many more in the future!


You have both put out superior caches that rank high in my books both through creativity and placement (of course you have a great location to work from).


I look forward to the next set that pop up from you, I know they will be worth the trek to Niagara. (Guess you'll be coming up this way to cache? Give me a call anytime, you know my number, I still have lots to do.)

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Thank you for the kind words. The caching is fun, but the best part of this sport has to be the people. We have met so many great people through caching on the trails and at the more social oriented events. Even when we talk to new cachers or caching wannabes its the social aspect of the sport that gets the biggest nod.....


Now onto the next 300... :D


TNSLMF - Took Nothing , Signed Log, Made Friends :D


Happy New Years and Happy Caching! :D

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