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Originally posted by Mrs T:

How do I convert the British Ordinanace Survey map refs to the world Lat & Long stuff

Your GPS can do this for you. Just set the datum to British Ordinanace Survey, enter the waypoints, then change the datum to WGS-84 (or whatever). The waypoints will be converted.



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PS is right. If you go into Menu on your eTrex there should be an option in the Setup menu that allows you to change the map datum field. The unit will do the conversions for you. If you need to do it manually (God Forbid icon_eek.gif) then a site like Jeeep.com can do it for you.


Changing it in the GPSr unit is the easiest way. I've been on one cache that had some triangulation involved and the cache description said to change the datum field to UTM. For some reason, triangulation is supposed to be more accurate with that datum than WGS84 icon_confused.gif Does anyone know if this is true? And if so, why?


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For OS grid references for caches in the UK, you might find GeocacheUK's stat's pages useful. If you click on links there to caches on geocaching.com, all the co-ords on the pages have automatic conversions to OSGB as well as the original lat/long.





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