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Deleting Region In 60cs

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I've gone thru all the 60CS faq's on this, but am unable to find a match on this problem:


Problem trying to solve:

When I push find/address/enter region, I am given the choice of two Washington's (state of). The default seems to always be the first Washington listing, which only contains one city. If I manually select the second "Washington" listing, I then am able to select from all the WA cities I have loaded from the City Select software.


So question is, how do I delete that first Washington region. If I select the first Washtington region, and then push menu, I'm given the choice to "clear region", but it doesn't seem to do anything when selected.


Any ideas? I am running firmware 3.60, and have multiple mapsource products loaded.

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Did what you suggested. Removed a "grid" from mapsource. Reloaded. Reselected previously removed grid. Reloaded again. Problem solved!


The grid I removed had a potential conflict, since it contained "cities" in both Washington and British Columbia. Perhaps because I loaded certain mapsource products out of order, created a double database.


Anyway, your suggestion worked. Many thanks for the good idea.

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