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  1. When I go to the update link, 3.6 is posted, not 3.7.
  2. Have been sent a route in Streets and Trips. Would love to convert it to something Mapsource City Select could open as a route. Possible?
  3. Yes I'm aware of that, but my fear in reducing the points, it will be less exact in interpretation, for example, quick turns onto short roads won't show up, but will just be direction changes. Would work for my hiking and moutaineering, but not for motorcycling, especially on twisty windy tracks. But you're right, in slower moving modes (hiking), when turns onto different road names is not important, that's a good tip.
  4. Thanks for all of your answers. Sounds like the safest way is to stay within City Select and redraw using the route tool. This way I'll get the turn by turn road names when exporting into my 60CS. You would think there would be an easier way. I noted the earlier post re the option within the GPS firmware. Will check into this... but the other comments about trackes consisting of too many waypoints seems correct... Over a 75 mile motorcycle trip, there must be well over 300 waypoints or "points" on the track. That kind of route reporting would be annoying!!
  5. Did a search on this, and didn't come up with anything obvious. Using Mapsource City Select. Want to convert track to route. Tried G7toWin, but I couldn't understand their help file. Am I hopeless? Is there a relatively easy method or utility?
  6. Sputnik, Did what you suggested. Removed a "grid" from mapsource. Reloaded. Reselected previously removed grid. Reloaded again. Problem solved! The grid I removed had a potential conflict, since it contained "cities" in both Washington and British Columbia. Perhaps because I loaded certain mapsource products out of order, created a double database. Anyway, your suggestion worked. Many thanks for the good idea.
  7. I've gone thru all the 60CS faq's on this, but am unable to find a match on this problem: Problem trying to solve: When I push find/address/enter region, I am given the choice of two Washington's (state of). The default seems to always be the first Washington listing, which only contains one city. If I manually select the second "Washington" listing, I then am able to select from all the WA cities I have loaded from the City Select software. So question is, how do I delete that first Washington region. If I select the first Washtington region, and then push menu, I'm given the choice to "clear region", but it doesn't seem to do anything when selected. Any ideas? I am running firmware 3.60, and have multiple mapsource products loaded.
  8. Thanks for the reply Olar. Since my post, I tried just that. You're right. It works, although it's one more step to take... but the results are worth it. Thanks for replying!
  9. Okay, I've got a new challenge I haven't seen explained on this forum: Okay, it's not for Geocaching this time... it's for my motorcycle. Here's the issue. I painstakingly plan a route finding all sorts of quiet roads on my computer using City Select 5.0. I then transfer this route to my 60CS running version 3.5. Now on the GPS, select route, select the ride, it then re-calculates the route! I don't want it to! I have set the routing settings on the GPS to avoid highways, still doesn't work (sometimes it avoids them, sometimes it doesn't). So.... Is there a way to export a route planed in City select from my computer to the 60CS WITHOUT allowing the gps to recalculate the route? I know the GPS is trying to be helpful, and I normally LOVE this auto calculation feature. But how do you stop too much of a good thing?
  10. Also having the same shut down problem with my 60CS. Interesting in that it didn't start happening till I installed the firmware update 3.5. I suppose it simply could be the battery clip pressure... I do not have the pads mentioned in these threads. I can't really tell from the pix... are there pads actually added INSIDE or behind the clips? Will need to try this, but am interested if after this modification if people are still having the problem. Never happened before, and now I'm seeing all these threads... suspicious if firmware related.
  11. My apologies! After a more thourough search of this great bb, I found that all I need to do is a "find", and I get all these choices. This is a great technology!
  12. I've got the Mapsource Tides and Marine Services loaded and working great on my desktop running mapsource. It has both the tide stations and marine services that show where one can get gas (useful if you have a powerboat, ugh at $$/gallon these days). Anyways, when I load this same mapsource data onto my 60CS, I can see the tide stations, but not the Marine Services that show up on my desktop. I've gone to mapsettings and made sure that specific data was loaded, as opposed to the other Mapsource products I also have loaded into the gps. So is this a known issue? Must one have the 76CS (a marine gps) to see these marine services. It's odd that it shows up in Mapsource on the desktop, but when I transfer it to the 60CS, it only shows the tide stations. Me, or do I have a wrong file?
  13. The contour lines issue in 3.20 seemed to be apparent in "daytime" viewing mode. In nighttime view mode, it was fine, but impossible to see in daytime mode. Yes, they have fixed the problem, but still, the contour lines are easier to see in the nighttime mode or color choice.
  14. Just posted this on another string, but thought it good shared info. Forgive me if it's ..."duh..." Under settings, set compass to activate if going under 2 mph for more than 15 seconds. This way, if you stop moving to look at your GPS, which many of us need to do when hiking... the GPS will know your direction, bearing, heading. I've noticed the map page wanders if I stop moving and compass is off. The compass is a huge battery drain, so you don't want to use this feature if you're not continually relying on your GPS for bearing info. But this is a great handy setting, and makes the extra few dollars you spent on the "S" of "CS" well worth it!
  15. The biggest advantage to the CS that I have not seen posted here is this: Hiking off trail on snow last week... needed to stop to look at GPS fairly often to get back on course. Everytime I stopped to look at the gps, the map page and the arrow page became useless because I had stopped moving. In fact, if the map page is set to orient to track instead of "North up", the map has a tendency to drift while you're standing still. Here's the point where the CS's compass comes in handy. Under set-up, set the compass to automatically turn on when speed is less than 2 mph for more than 15 seconds. This way, if you're moving, you conserve battery power. But when you stop moving to look at your GPS (as most people need to do), all the functions continue to work. The map stays positioned relative to your bearing and course, and the arrow page does the same. The big deal is- you need to stop to look at your GPS. Without an electronic compass communicating with the reciever, a GPS has no way of knowing the direction you're facing when you're not moving. This certainly does not mean you shouldn't still carry a trusty magnetic compass. Absolutely necessary!! But the CS has the added functionality of direction, bearing and course information when you are standing still, that non compass GPS's simply cannot perform.
  16. I use velcro on the back of the external antenna... plop it on the top flap of my back pack, run the cable thru the back pack liner, and viola... instant tracking.
  17. Honestly, I don't work for, or have any relationship to Strong. But it sounds like there may be two different products or versions of products going on here. Fact, I have a 60cs. Got the strong stuff one week ago in mail. It has a shiny surface. It is not textured. I put it on as mentioned above. First one sucked. Second one is fine. I like this group, and am not trying to pull anything here. Perhaps there is another version of their screen protectors? (That's why I mention I just recieved mine a week ago.) Hey, if it isn't working for you- Fine, let everyone know. I'm just sharing my experience which happens to be positive in this case.
  18. "Strong" ones work fine. There is indeed a method to applying them properly. I wasted one figuring it out. I think they could offer better instructions on their package. I've heard people talk about using hair dryers and water. I simply used a creditcard and very slowly worked the film onto the unit. Give yourself some time and patience. Once these things are on, they are invisable. My first one looked like crap. It does take practice!
  19. Thanks Clanggedin!! That was an incredible savings you just offered to this bb, and it was darn gracious of you! THANKS!!
  20. I've been using their setting for the 76S. Works flawlessly so far.
  21. Does the update change the way Mapsource works in the GPS? In otherwords, should I re-download the maps from my MS Topo and MS City Select back into my GPS through the new version of Mapsource?
  22. Has anyone figured out any true logic difference between the options of "shortest" and "fastest" route when using City Select software in either the Garmin 60C or CS? Before someone answers "one is shorter, and one is faster"; in real world knowledge of my area, that simple logic doesn't seem supported. I have a 60CS, and am using City Select V5. I would have thought the the 'fastest" choice may favor highways and interstates. But that's not true either! Just curious if anyone's figured this out.
  23. OOOHH! Now I see it! Never noticed that difference before! Thanks!
  24. Has anyone figured out what this is. It is an option found on the Satellites page, but is not defined in the user manual. The choice toggles between multicolor or single color. I have yet to see what difference it makes... it isn't as apparent as it sounds.
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